Working With Your Body To Live Your Best Life


Meet Sally Baker, founder of Working on the Body

I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself – Kate Winslet

You were born a wonderful, amazing human being with a beautiful body. But somewhere on your journey you stopped loving it, you stopped caring for it. It’s a hard thing to admit because there have been some things that have happened to you that you couldn’t prevent. So you overate. Maybe you drink too much wine, or eat a little too much spaghetti. Over the years this has piled up and now you want to make a positive change. Working on Your Body will help you live the healthier, happier lifestyle you crave. Book a free 30 minute and find out how we can work together.





Therapy Treatments

Therapeuein is the Greek for treating medically, but therapia is Greek for healing. At Working on the Body, therapy is healing. It’s helping the mind and body so that they work together so you enjoy living again.



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