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heartYou will know more than anyone if you are not living your life to its full potential. Perhaps anxiety and negative thinking gets in your way of feeling and being truly happy. Perhaps you’ve hid it well for years and feel exhausted keeping it secret.

I want to reassure you that everyone was born clear and everything else, however uncomfortable, is a survival construct of your sub-conscious mind. This can be manifested in very many ways from addictions, panic attacks, insomnia to excessive weight gain. Whatever you are feeling that keeps you stuck in old patterns of behaviour, or makes you self-sabotage your best intentions can be resolved and released so that you can be free to be the person you were always meant to be.

I’m Sally Baker and I am particularly interested in the mind-body connection and how long term stress shows up physically in a person from simple skin disorders, or impaired fertility through to serious chronic diseases. I have worked successfully with many clients to alleviate their physical symptoms and make profound shifts in their self-thinking and self-beliefs.

If you are exhausted beating yourself up with negativity, self-blame and anger or punishing yourself with self-destructive behaviour then it’s time to invest in you and get clear.

I invite everyone interested in working with me to meet for a free one hour consultation. This is an opportunity to meet and for me to begin to find out more about you and for me to explain how I work. There is no obligation for either of us to commit unless we both agree we feel we can work productively together to create the changes you so desire.

You could have a rapid and enduring change in as few as six sessions so get in touch and let’s begin.

Sessions take place face to face at my practice in London or worldwide via Skype.

Sally Baker

Sally Baker


Do you have the health, peace of mind and well-being that you would wish for yourself?
Do you feel out of balance?
Do you have symptoms of ill-health or IBS?
Are you carrying too much weight?
Do you experience inexplicable anxiety or alarming panic attacks?
Do you work hard at procrastinating and avoiding your true potential?

Sally began her therapeutic training firstly in physical therapies working with women survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

She trained in EFT and became an advanced level practitioner, followed by Clinical Hypnotherapy and later added the English modality, Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC).

She was awarded PSTEC Master Practitioner status in 2014.

She is co-author of Seven Simple Steps To Stop Emotional Eating.

Media and Press

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Managing your emotions to heal your body writtten by magazine editor, John Hicks. (Registration required)

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GUEST POST – Beyond the bathroom Scale – Remove your dieting stumbling blocks!

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July/August 2015 edition issue number 137  Are you an Emotional Eater? (Edition available to buy only)

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INTERVIEW – Woman & Home Magazine June 2015

Inside marriage interview by Anna Moore with therapist / writer Sally Baker. (Edition available to buy only)

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REVIEW – OK Magazine issue 990 July 21st 2015

Review of 7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating in Health Bites column. (Edition available to buy only)

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Guest blog post – Emotional Eaters think differently about food

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How your mind creates your weight loss Guest post by Sally Baker

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 GUEST POST – Emmas Diary

Emma’s Diary on line resource for mothers to be and new mothers ‘Worried about losing the baby weight ? Don’t be’  Guest post approved by Royal College of General Practitioners written by Sally Baker and Liz Hogon

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7 Things you can do to beat emotional eating by Lisa Nguyen reviewing 7 Simple Steps to stop emotional Eating

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Book review (Page 8)

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GUEST POST – Bariatric Pal – Weight Loss Magazine

Emotional eating can sabotage Weight Loss Surgery Guest post by Sally Baker

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REVIEW – New book helps people use EFT and other holistic techniques to lose weight

New book by Sally Baker and Liz Hogon helps people use EFT tapping and other therapies to lose weight.

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REVIEW – Spirit & Destint Magazine – September 2015

Book Review of the month for 7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating (Edition available to buy only)

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REVIEW – Healthista – Emotional eating: 8 simple ways to stop TODAY

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AUTHOR ARTICLE – Fibromyalgia Magazine

May 2015 edition How your negative self-talk keeps you overweight and stuck. (Edition available to buy only)

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GUEST POST – Bariatric Pal – Weight Loss Magazine

How  to achieve mindfulness effortlessly

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REVIEW – Psychic News – May 2015 Edition

Review of 7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating. (Edition available to buy only)

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CONFERENCE – AMT (Association of Meridian Therapists)

Annual Conference October 2015, Eastbourne, England Sally Baker invited to deliver paper on Therapy approach to Ending Yo Yo dieting. (Registration for conference)

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Therapy Sessions

Initial Consultation

All prospective clients are invited for a free one hour initial consultation. This is an opportunity to meet and begin to explore in some depth your narrative and the issues you want to change in your life. I listen to you, ask for clarification perhaps, and take a detailed history. Please be re-assured that the way that I work, and the tools that I work with, does not necessarily require full disclosure of information, or the re-living of trauma, or personal tragedy.

During the consultation I will also explain the way that I work and the therapy tools I work with. At this point there is no obligations for either of us to commit to working together unless we mutually agree we feel we can work together to achieve the changes you so want for yourself.

I also want to emphasis that I adhere to stringent confidentiality rules. This is particularly vital as I often work with clients who have come to me via previous clients’ personal recommendations and referrals are often part of their friend circle, work colleagues, partners or members of their extended family.

Six Sessions to change the way you think about yourself and what you believe about yourself
The six sessions of 90 minute each are generally scheduled once a week over a six week period. This is an intensive programme of sessions to radically turn your life around so that you can be free of self-limiting beliefs and over-come blocks to discovering and achieving your goals and ambitions.

With a solid commitment to change and a curiosity about oneself, I expect and achieve considerable shifts in self-thinking and self-belief during our time working together. As an experienced, full time therapist and Advanced Practitioner, the modalities I use, EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, PSTEC – Percussive Suggestion Technique and Hypnotherapy are at the cutting edge of therapeutic approaches providing rapid and enduring progress and change.

This is not talking therapy of week after week, month after month, year after year of reliving old pain and anguish – this is working effectively with the sub-conscious mind to facilitate shifts and make changes that move you forward, gently and steadily – from where you are now to authentically feel where you want to be.

All sessions either take place face to face at my London practice or worldwide via Skype. My client days are Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to an 8pm finish time. I am happy to schedule sessions to accomodate international time zones as and when necessary.

My work is typically with those who are exhausted, or over-whelmed coping with anyone, or more of the following typical issues. And, this is just a selection, you will of course have your own unique challenges in your life that have been keeping you stuck and making you unhappy.

Is your life limited by panic attacks?
Are your stress levels constantly higher than you wish?
Can your negative self-thinking spiral out of control?
Does your negative self-talk often remind you that you are not good enough?
Are you busy putting everyone’s needs before your own?
Do you play small to keep everyone else happy?
Do you doubt your judgement?
Do your blame yourself?
Are you living with a chronic illness?
Are you carrying excess weight?
Do phobias and fears reduce your ability to live a full life?
Is social phobia destroying your self-confidence?
Do you live in fear that your career will be compromised?
Has trauma or loss taken joy out of your life?

This selection is just a few of the things that can stand in your way of fulfilling your potential and being the person you were meant to be.

Six 90 minute sessions with me cost £875.00 This is payable when we agree to work together. You can pay via cheque or I can issue a Pay Pal invoice which expands payment options to include credit cards.

Please Note: I have a professional interest in exploring, and maximising the benefits from the mind-body connection with clients who face the challenge of thriving while living with a chronic disease. I recognise this type of health concern can impact hugely on earning capacity and I maintain a reduced fee provision with particular priority to those who live in SE London. If you feel this applies to you then please call or email to discuss further


‘I have been uncomfortable with my body since I was about 10 years old. At 41 years old it made me terribly sad that this unhappiness with my body has been the constant thought at the back of my mind throughout my life. Even during times of achievement, success and important milestones it has been there. Sometimes it has been an overwhelming feeling of self-loathing and at other times just a niggling thought… it has always been there. I decided that after 31 years of endless failed attempts to achieve a size I am happy with and to maintain that size I needed to ask for help.

I acknowledged that diet alone was not the answer for me. If I could get a degree, a great job and raise kids successfully but couldn’t lose a few pounds then something else was going on and I needed somebody to help me find out what that was and help me find the solutions.

Sally helped me to tap in to memories and experiences that I had buried and was able to help me make the links between these and my relationship with food. She quickly helped me look at eating afresh and see it as an experience to enjoy and nourish me rather than an experience that reinforced feelings of self-hate or guilt.

Through various techniques I was able to visit myself at key points in my life and look at how experiences I thought I had left behind were unresolved needing to be healed. I felt at all times completely safe.

After 6 weeks with Sally’s support I have lost half a stone, I love good food and reject with ease previous unhealthy habits. I feel a sense of relief that I have been able to release a lot of pain and have a sense of hope for my future knowing I am strong and have the resolve to have a great and healthy life.

The sessions I had with Sally were excellent as I was able to work through several key challenges that were really keeping me stuck.

Sally’s style is engaging, thought-provoking , challenging and very informative. I originally saw Sally to help me work through relationship issues only to discover that I was severely lacking in confidence, had low internal value and was unable to set clear boundaries. All of which were having a detriment impact on how I was living my life.

Working with Sally and using PSTEC I have been able to implement significant change, which has made me more confident and focussed. I have introduced a number of changes to enable me to participate in the important things in my life….and this has had a massive impact on how I feel about myself and conduct my relationships both personally and professionally. Thank-you Sally.

I have seen Sally at two stages in my life where there were significant changes in my circumstances. The work she did caused subtle but powerful shifts in my conscious and subconscious thinking and behaviour which had a huge positive impact on me. I feel I am more confident and connected to myself and my emotions and can move forward into my future whereas previously I had felt stuck and helpless.

“Having had the most horrendous year, losing a baby, then the boyfriend, then a nasty fall which involved a week in hospital and plastic surgery I was feeling very low. I had actually made contact with Sally as I wanted to try and lose weight through hypnotherapy, and as the layers of the onion peeled away during therapy it was clear to see I was an emotional wreck . Sally’s amazing ability to tune in to how i ticked and help in processing it all really moved me on through a very difficult time in my life .
We spent most of the sessions getting me over the break up, and the weight loss was parked until I was ready. I had 6 sessions and I can honestly say that I am in a much better place than I was when I first sat down with Sally, she definitely helped me to get here . It’s good to know that should I hit rock bottom again Sally is on hand “

Changes were very subtle at first, and although I was aware of my good spirits, it was only when everyone at work started to comment on how much lighter I seemed – lighter in terms of weight but also in spirit – that I fully became aware of the effects of the therapy. As well as having become smaller in size, I now feel much happier in myself. Finding out where my anxieties came from was an important revelation, and formed the basis for dealing with them. Sally is incredibly resourceful and has a myriad of techniques available for various issues that require on-the-spot thinking. Sally is also a very warm and empathetic person, and I felt incredibly comfortable in her presence and in the working environment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

After several sessions with Sally I noticed a number of improvements in my life. An increase in energy, more confidence, ability to focus, less anxiety and I am now experiencing better night’s sleep. EFT and PSTEC are wonderful tools that have enabled me to ditch some very old negative habits and behaviour that were in essence holding me back and stopping me from living a more fulfilling life. Thank-you
D. London

OUT ON 10 January 2017 – How to Feel Differently about Food

HTFDAF_Front coverComing Soon. Publication date: January 2017 from Hammersmith Books, London

You don’t fail diets – diets fail you and eating purely for weight loss can deprive you of essential nourishment for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Neither is it how you love or honour yourself. Sally Baker and Liz Hogon found many of their clients others were left confused by the mass of conflicting nutritional advice in the media; or prone to follow fad diets; or tempted to buy dubious diet pills online; or chemically loaded shakes; or unsustainable meal replacement plans leaving them feeling deprived, and failures when unable to adhere to misery-inducing calorie restrictions.

In recent years the feel-good benefits of eating unprocessed food on mental health, and eating nutritionally balanced meals has become more recognised. At the same time the affect of a nutritionally poor diet has been scientifically linked to depression, poor gut health, autoimmune diseases, and the actual incidence of obesity itself.

Baker and Hogon felt compelled to offer more specific guidance, and to encourage their clients that successful weight loss can be achieved, and maintained following a eat real food approach with as much variety as possible complete with ample good fats to ensure satiety, and enhanced health.

Hence How to Feel Differently about Food is a myth busting entry level guide to show readers how they achieve sustainable weight loss and improve their nutrition one meal at a time by just eating real food. The aim of the book is also to undo the damaging propaganda, and influence of the food giants who have held sway for the past fifty to sixty years with their processed food propaganda. It provides practical short cuts and easy to prepare meals that work for modern, time poor, working people so they can find their own way to feel differently about food.

Pre-Order your copy of How To Feel Differently About Food

Seven Simple Steps To Stop Emotional Eating

sss1A practical guide from therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon to understand the emotional reasons for overeating and how to overcome them.

Are overeating and staying over-weight unconscious ‘survival decisions’ for you or someone you care about?

If they are, no matter how many tried-and-tested diets you follow, you will not succeed.

Therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon offer this practical guide to understanding the emotional reasons for overeating and how to overcome these, based on their training and experience in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnotherapy, PSTEC and other related therapies.

Throughout they illustrate their approach with client case histories and help readers to put theory into practice with step-by-step exercises.

Buy your copy of Seven Simple Steps To Stop Emotional Eating

Therapist Training

As a Master Practitioner, and Trainer in Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC) Sally offers individual and small group training in London.

Incorporating PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique) in Therapy Practice
A one day course focussing on PSTEC best practice and how to resolve a wide range of presenting issues for therapists who are new to this powerful modality, and who wish to incorporate PSTEC successfully into their practice to achieve impressive results for their clients.
The day covers practical guidance on how to drill down, and focus on how to use PSTEC to clear the thoughts, memories or conclusions that will have the most beneficial therapeutic outcome for the client. Also includes Therapist recommended PSTEC Resources and how and when to use each tool. PSTEC is a powerful set of therapy tools for therapists, coaches and educators.

Successful weight loss outcomes in therapy practice
A one day workshop for practicing therapists who wish to improve their outcomes for clients seeking to resolve weight loss issues. The workshop is based around the book Sally co-wrote called ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ (Hammersmith Books 2015) and how it reflects her own successful therapeutic approach to clients who commit to a six week course of weekly therapy sessions.
The training provides guidance, and insights from working successfully with clients to end sugar cravings; end self-sabotaging behaviour; resolve secondary gains; release issues around deserving and self-worth so that they can achieve the weight loss they desire. (Please note: This workshop is open to therapists who are already qualified EFT practitioners.)

Location and Rates
Monthly workshops are held in London SE4. (Zone 2)
The rate for a one day workshop is £475 for an individual. The day rate can be split between two, or a maximum of three participants sharing the day. Please call or email to discuss availability.

Contact Sally Baker

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