Overcoming Abuse

Hurt by someone else?

Maybe it was someone you love. Maybe it was a parent. A person in a position of trust. It doesn’t matter who hurt you, just that they did and they left you with feelings of anger, shame and confusion that you turned in on yourself causing you a deep emotional trauma.

For you it’s been a life in the shadows. A life of shame for something that’s not your fault. A life of low self-worth, and feelings that you can’t express for fear of hurting someone else.

It’s not your fault. You know it’s not your fault deep down. But you’re still hurting.

Book in a 30-minute session. Let’s talk about how therapy can help you heal and become whole again.


Emma’s story: Soothing Myself With Food

Soothing Myself With Food ‘When I started therapy I reckon I wanted to lose around two and a half stone (35 lb/16 kg), which isn’t a lot when you think of how much some people want to lose, but it was the heaviest I’d been for a long time and I felt miserable,...