Trying to lose weight? This changes everything!

Too much on your plate?
Swallowing down your anger with food?
Frustrated at your yo-yo dieting?
Eating when bored, or on your own?
Feeling out of control around food?
Eating in secret?
Bingeing and purging?
Feeling sad and eating to fill a void inside?
Rewarding yourself with food after a hard day?

Recognise any of these behaviours?

Or maybe you’ve had years of yo-yo dieting, or struggled with feeling out of control around food.

Perhaps you have fought and lost against powerful sugar cravings and compulsive urges to binge eat.

Or maybe you use food to swallow down negative thoughts or feelings about yourself, or you eat to blur painful memories, or as a way of coping with the challenging events of your life.

All of these are signs of emotional eating.

You are also most likely an expert dieter and know the calorie count of every item that passes your lips without ever having to check.

You have most likely tried every diet from Atkins to The Zone and believe although they might work for other people just won’t work for you.

You may even have elected for some kind of surgical intervention that controls the amount of food you can eat, or the level of nourishment you can absorb, only to find yourself plotting, and planning and undermining the medically imposed limitations every chance you get.

You might still diet when in public – where you are really restrained in your eating, but in secret only you know how out of control around food you feel.

You may think your excess weight is all your own fault and that if you just had more will-power, or were less greedy then you could be slim and happy like everyone else you imagine.

What if it’s not about food?

But what if your excess weight has never been about food, or lack of will power?

What if your behaviour around food was a strategy you formulated when you were dealing with an overwhelming challenge in your life? Perhaps you felt deep in your sub-conscious mind that the only way you could get survive the negative feeling you felt about yourself was by swallowing them down with food.


What if your behaviour around food was never about a lack of will power but your years of yo-yo dieting is about you being triggered by old memories, beliefs or conclusions you made about yourself that crop up time and time again. Just as you begin to work towards your weight loss goals you feel compelled to self-sabotage it all over again.


Or perhaps no-one understands how hard your life has been except you. Only you know. Perhaps no-one else has seen your struggle and the effort you have made to hold all this together like a well kept secret. For you dieting and going without feels like all your others losses and the emotional deprivation you experienced in the past gets confused with making healthy food choices.


Are you ready to set yourself free?
You already understand its not what you’re putting in your mouth that’s the problem
but what is happening in your mind.
Are you ready to free yourself from the tyranny of food?
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Meet the experts

Sally Baker and Liz Hogon are senior therapists who specialise in working with clients the world-over to resolve and release the emotional reasons for comfort/stress eating and disordered eating in its many guises. Clients who come to them have often tried every way they can find to gain control over food. Their clients believe that nothing will work for them and that while they are entangled with cravings, compulsive eating and self-sabotaging behaviour they feel they can never be fully happy in their own body.


Working with Sally or Liz can be a revelation to many of them as they realise, often for the first time, that their disordered eating is not a character fault at all but a life-saving strategy created and sustained on old beliefs and self-judgements.


Sally and Liz understand how to gently unfurl the layers of negative thinking, self-sabotaging behaviour and critical self-judgement so that food can be a source of nourishment instead of self punishment. Only once the old triggers to disordered eating are resolved and erased can self-sabotaging behaviour in relation to food and successfully lose weight without feelings of self-denial or self-sacrifice.

Sally Baker is an award winning therapist, writer and speaker working for well over a decade in private practice in London. She sees clients both face to face, and world-wide via Skype.  Her professional specialism, and passion is working with clients to resolve, and release self-sabotaging behaviour however it shows up in a person’s life including anxiety, procrastination and negative, limiting self-beliefs.

Her particular forte is working with clients to resolve the reasons for their emotional or comfort/stress eating so that they can achieve, and maintain successful weight loss and eat for nourishment instead of punishing themselves with food.

 Sally also has a long term interest in the mind body connection and its vital role in wellbeing and mental health and works with hypnosis and other powerful therapy tools to achieve lasting change.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Advanced Emotional Freedom (EFT) Practitioner
Master Practitioner Percussive Suggestion Therapy PSTEC
Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)
Member of Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council NCHC
Member of Association of Meridian Energy Therapies                                                        

Liz Hogon has been a qualified hypnotherapist since 2001, Liz Hogon has helped thousands of people overcome issues surrounding emotional eating, phobias and chronic anxiety.

 As a therapist, Liz became frustrated for clients who were battling emotional eating arriving with arm-long lists of interventions they had unsuccessfully tried: expensive diet programmes, traditional therapy and even surgical procedures. She also realised that hypnotherapy was a short-term fix, and that suggestions could wear off leaving people to revert.

 Liz sought lasting solutions through the application of ground-breaking therapies to overcome emotional-eating and has enjoyed enormous success with her therapy approach. Liz has applied the tools recommended in this course to successfully address the psychological reasons at a very deep level for emotional eating, and uses them daily in her busy clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy
Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis
Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice
Master Practitioner Percussive Suggestion Therapy PSTEC
Licensed Trainer in Meridian Therapies
Member International Association for Evidence-based Psychotherapy (IAEBP)
Australian Hypnotherapists Association (MAHA)
Licensed Trainer Association of Meridian Therapists (AMT)

Tired of your yo-yo dieting and sabotaging your own success?
Ready to free yourself from the tyranny of food?
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Your way to change everything is here!
Sally has her own private practice in London and Liz, who also lived and worked for many years in the capital, returned in the last couple of years to the country of her birth and runs a busy practice in Melbourne, Australia.

Distance hasn’t proved to be too great a barrier and over those thousands of miles they have retained a great friendship and a professional partnership that has resulted so far in two self-help books published by Hammersmith Books, London.

Their first title is ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ followed by ‘How to Feel Differently About Food’ and now they have launched their first online course ‘Overcoming Emotional Eating’.

Helping people to overcoming their emotional eating is their passion

Sally and Liz have taken everything they have experienced and learnt working with people who identify as emotional eaters and shared between themselves the most effective strategies; therapeutic approaches, and discovered the most powerful, life changing therapy tools. They have used their unique insights to create their self help books and this, their first on-line course .‘


Here’s what some of their clients say about working with Sally Baker and Liz Hogon

‘I have been uncomfortable with my body since I was about 10 years old. At 41 it made me terribly sad that this unhappiness with my body has been the constant thought at the back of my mind throughout my life. Even during times of achievement, success and important milestones it has been there. Sometimes it has been an overwhelming feeling of self-loathing and at other times just a niggling thought… it has always been there. I decided that after 31 years of endless failed attempts to achieve a size I am happy with and to maintain that size I needed to ask for help.

I acknowledged that diet alone was not the answer for me. If I could get a degree, a great job and raise kids successfully but couldn’t lose a few pounds then something else was going on and I needed somebody to help me find out what that was and help me find the solutions.

Sally helped me to tap in to memories and experiences that I had buried and was able to help me make the links between these and my relationship with food. She quickly helped me look at eating afresh and see it as an experience to enjoy and nourish me rather than an experience that reinforced feelings of self-hate or guilt.

Through various techniques I was able to visit myself at key points in my life and look at how experiences I thought I had left behind were unresolved needing to be healed. I felt at all times completely safe.

After just a few weeks with Sally’s support I have lost half a stone. I love good food and rejected with ease previous unhealthy habits. I feel a sense of relief that I have been able to release a lot of pain and have a sense of hope for my future knowing I am strong and have the resolve to have a great and healthy life.’ A-M.

‘No-one is more surprised than me. I get on the scales every week and every week I’ve lost a few more pounds. I kept waiting for it to stop working – nothing works for me – but this does, and the weight is still coming off me!’ S.W.

I had decided to go for sessions in order to lose weight. However, I got more than that. I lost weight in the weeks I was attending the sessions, and I am still losing now. I am on holiday right now and went off the plan. After two days my mind and body easily switched back. I have been programmed not to fail!’ D.L.

‘In addition to weight loss, I am now more confident. I have forgotten any negative emotions from the past. I don’t have anxieties anymore, and I feel in balance with myself.’

‘I say that everyone needs some of this in their lives. I’ve tidied up my mind. I’m continuing with the plan. Weight loss is going at a slow rate, but it is happening, and I am not giving up!!! Very happy with everything.’ M.H.

‘I don’t even notice the biscuits and cakes at work now. It’s not like I feel I‘m denying myself. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I don’t even notice them anymore. It feels easy; I’m just not interested in eating that kind of stuff anymore.’ N.S.

‘I wanted to wait for a while before I sent this to you because, to be really honest, I never believed this would work. Nothing else ever has!

Anyway I came to see you in February feeling fat, desperate and a total failure. Had tried every diet known and some of them helped for a little while but eventually the weight went back on leaving me feeling even more of a failure.

After seeing that guy on ACA I decided to give hypnosis a go although the group sessions were never going to be my thing. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!!!!

Here I am after 3 months and the weight is coming off every week. But the best part is that I am not dieting. For the first time in my life I’m not dieting but I’m losing weight (can you tell I still don’t believe it ?!!). I am so peaceful around food and eating small portions – I even know how to listen to my body now when it tells me it’s full. That’s never happened before 🙂

Thanks Liz for your help and compassion. I’ve got my life back.’ CL

‘I have a meal and I’m enjoying eating it as usual. After a while I look at the food and think to myself – you know what, I don’t want any more. It feels like I’m really smiling inside because it just feels natural, and easy to leave it – nothing at all to do with will-power.’ C.O.

‘I’ve had big emotional overeating issues for all of my 58 years and I was feeling resigned to becoming an unhealthy and overweight 60-year-old. Various changes in my life had made my problem seem quite insurmountable, but thanks to your help I have lost 18 pounds so far. I really feel now that next summer’s big event will be the milestone birthday of a newly slim 60-year-old!’ T.G.

‘Working with PSTEC and EFT has changed my life! I’ve lost 7 kilos in eight weeks, am happier than I have been in a long time, and I am taking control of my life at last. I would recommend working this way without hesitation – it has worked for me on so many levels!’ G.U.

‘As a result of all the emotional churn up, I had the munchies at midnight. This time I tapped for a little while and what I actually ate was not that bad. I’ve noted it, forgiven myself, and am letting go. I am loosening food’s hold over me, and it feels wonderful.’ S.B.

‘I thought I would give you a little bit of an update on my progress. I continue to lose weight even though it seems slow but now I believe that its a better way to do it. I’m learning patience as well!

Feel like I have lots more energy and I’m sleeping much better (don’t understand how that works but I’m grateful). I bought some new clothes on Saturday as the old ones are hanging off me now and already I’ve dropped a dress size.

Really just wanted to let you know that I’m doing really well and will continue to keep you posted.’ Kara B

‘I feel finally able to clear away the physical and “emotional” fat to allow my true self to shine out there in the world. You have supported me to learn how to do this for myself, on my own. I can really do this!!!’ L.M.

‘I always knew that the reasons for my difficulty in losing weight were hidden deep inside of me. I needed to find the way in there to deal with it. This has helped release old stuff with very little pain.’ M.P.

‘I have made significant and positive changes to my life and there is now potential for who knows what? I do know though that I am working on it, and I feel so much more hopeful about my future.’ F.O.

‘Food no longer feels like an ugly demon. Instead it’s something I can manage and enjoy. And, you’ve given me my confidence back!’ D.A

‘I am a chocoholic who has not had chocolate for two months and I don’t miss it!’ K.T.

‘This worked for me after nothing else had for over 10 years. I released trapped emotions which kept me overeating; I recognised patterns and dealt with them. This works, and I am so grateful.’ B.H.

‘Having had the most horrendous year, losing a baby, then the boyfriend, then a nasty fall which involved a week in hospital and plastic surgery I was feeling very low. I had actually made contact with Sally as I wanted to try and lose weight through hypnotherapy, and as the layers of the onion peeled away during therapy it was clear to see I was an emotional wreck . Sally’s amazing ability to tune in to how i ticked and help in processing it all really moved me on through a very difficult time in my life .

We spent most of the sessions getting me over the break up, and the weight loss was parked until I was ready. I had 6 sessions and I can honestly say that I am in a much better place than I was when I first sat down with Sally, she definitely helped me to get here . It’s good to know that should I hit rock bottom again Sally is on hand.’ H.M.

‘Have been around the block and back a few times with various therapies, but I had the most powerful healing ever with these processes.’ H.D.

‘I just don’t believe it … Yes, I do! … No! I don’t … YES I DO !!! Three stone lost as of today!!! That is 42 pounds in 28 weeks!! Or 1.5 pounds per week! This is absolutely all down to this work – all supporting my round-the-mountain, round-the-park, round-the-shops walking, and my giving what I eat a higher priority than comforting feelings – especially the feelings of which I was not fully conscious.’ N.P.

‘I have felt a shift in myself already. I feel a sense of hope and anticipation, and I have successfully avoided eating anything chocolaty and sweet for a couple of weeks. Something seems to have clicked in for me. I have even been exercising a bit too – even I am surprised!’ N.D.

‘Changes were very subtle at first, and although I was aware of my good spirits, it was only when everyone at work started to comment on how much lighter I seemed – lighter in terms of weight but also in spirit – that I fully became aware of the effects of the therapy. As well as having become smaller in size, I now feel much happier in myself. Finding out where my anxieties came from was an important revelation, and formed the basis for dealing with them. Sally is incredibly resourceful and has a myriad of techniques available for various issues that require on-the-spot thinking. Sally is also a very warm and empathetic person, and I felt incredibly comfortable in her presence and in the working environment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.’ A.S.

‘I’m thrilled as my bra size has reduced from 46 inches to 42 inches. Yesterday I bought myself some new leather gloves, and instead of buying a medium-to-large pair, the small-to-medium fitted me perfectly, and my shoe size has also changed from a seven to a six and a half – I’m even losing fat off my feet! I can do the zip up on my new size 22 trousers, and I plan that they will feel loose on me by the end of the month. But I have to say – best of all – I now wear size 22 knickers instead of size 32 and you know what? I haven’t bought very many pairs of this new size, as I’m not finished yet, and more weight is still coming off!’ C.M.

‘Believe it or not, I AM realIy excited at the prospect of being a slim, “normal-sized” person who can go to any shop and buy clothes straight off the peg as well as looking, and feeling, healthier, more confident and happier.’ B.L.

‘Gave away my crisp (potato chips) stash from my office drawer – so no more carbs in that form anyway! One down and more to go!’ E.W.

‘I got on the scales this morning (my weekly ritual) and I have lost seven pounds! I am ecstatic and can’t wait for my next session.’ A.N.

‘After several sessions with Sally I noticed a number of improvements in my life. An increase in energy, more confidence, ability to focus, less anxiety and I am now experiencing better night’s sleep. EFT and PSTEC are wonderful tools that have enabled me to ditch some very old negative habits and behaviour that were in essence holding me back and stopping me from living a more fulfilling life. Thank-you!’ D. London

‘My mum certainly saw the difference in my face (i.e. slimmer!) but we both saw the difference when I put on the nightie I leave at her house. It was amazing to see the difference – it was no longer tight and you couldn’t see my flesh through the material! I also got into the compact shower cubicle at her apartment with ease instead of struggling.’ S.W.

‘SUCCESS! I have just weighed myself and have lost another pound so I have now lost a whole stone (14 pounds) before going away on holiday!’ A.C.

‘There is definitely a spring in my step today – I lost three and a half pounds this week! I really feel I can reach my target weight loss of 28 pounds by the end of this month.’ L.D.

‘Went for blood tests last week and today got a clean bill of health in all areas – liver function, kidney function, very good level of sugar (i.e. low), low to regular level of cholesterol, so all good, and the doctor was very pleased to say the least.’ O.N.

‘I am now known in my office as “the incredible shrinking woman!”’ J.J.

‘What’s the difference between heaven and hell? Well, hell is weighing food, counting calories, having to watch how much fruit I am eating and saying ‘no’ to the things that I really like, such as cream and chocolate, and feeling like I am being “deprived”.  Heaven is being able to eat fruit, eat a bar of chocolate at the weekend, and feeling confident in choosing what I want to eat rather than just what is written on a diet plan. I have a real sense of freedom regarding my food choices, and it is spilling over to every area of my life. If this is what heaven is – give me more!’ A.F.

‘Here I am after three months and the weight is still coming off every week. But, the best part is that I am not dieting. For the first time in my life I’m not dieting but I’m losing weight. (Can you tell I still don’t believe it?!!) I am so peaceful around food, and eating small portions – I even know how to listen to my body now when it tells me I’m full. That’s never happened before.’ A.D.T.

‘It’s all been so easy. No more struggle. No more staying home from parties because I had no control around food. I don’t even notice the food there now as I’m too busy talking to people!’ D.A.

‘Feel like I have lots more energy, and I’m sleeping much better. (I don’t understand how that works but I’m grateful!) I bought some new clothes on Saturday as the old ones are hanging off me now, and already I’ve dropped a dress size.’ A.H.

‘Three months on from my sessions and I have lost two stones [28 pounds/13 kilograms] which is great but the best part is that this has helped me change how I view and eat my food to the point that I not only believe I will achieve my goal but I will also maintain it. I love food, always have and always will – the difference now is that I do eat everything I enjoy but in moderation – my eating speed has slowed down tremendously, which means I end up eating a lot less because I realise I’m full.’ F.T.

‘Got some good news yesterday – my regular three-month blood test shows a big drop in blood glucose and, with drugs and diet, I’m in the non-diabetic normal range!!!!!!! Well done me!!!!!!!! My cholesterol has improved a lot too!!’ C.S.

‘The main difficulty I have is even remembering what the issues were that I did PSTEC on. It collapsed them so completely that it is as if they never existed – that’s how well they’ve worked for me!’ C.B.

‘After the session I needed some space to carrying on processing. I gave my imagination free rein (risky!) and I visualised unravelling the fat from my tummy like unravelling wool from an old jumper – something I used to do a lot as a child (the wool not the fat!). I also imagined that each time I have a pee I’m peeing out droplets of fat. I feel that I’m releasing the fat. In fact I’m reminding myself to give my body permission to release the fat it’s held onto all this time.’ L.A.

‘My blood glucose levels are continuing to drop. This morning I had another new morning fasting level of 5.7, so that’s three times this week. Yesterday I had my lowest ever reading of 4.8 and I didn’t feel crap. My body is adjusting to the lower levels. I’m getting used to the idea, and liking it, that change is not only possible, but it’s happening!!!’ D.C.

‘For far too long I have felt weighed down and held back by a number of painful emotional “boulders”! With this incredible help I have found ways to either let go of the ongoing physical, and emotional pain completely, or to find a way of “living with” the experiences so that they no longer hurt or damage me. I no longer feel scared and depressed. I’m feeling happier and physically and emotionally “lighter”. I’m in my 50s and I’ve now been freed to be more fully myself out in the world, and to stop hiding my light!’ T.F.

Physically I’m really aware of my abdomen and the whole of me knows that something big has shifted. Knowing where my feelings of anxiety stem from has helped me to understand better why it has always been so important for me to know what’s going on around me with the children, with BH, and at work. Deep down I’m scared, and when I’m aware stuff is happening I need to know exactly what it is as it triggers all my old anxieties. Hence my controlling, and interfering behaviour, and why it’s with my family and not in my work-place. These incredible insights mean I feel ready to change that behaviour as I’m now longer afraid.’ D.T.

‘It’s a cliché, of course – all those years learning how to help other people have brought me to the place to finally be able to help myself. To give to me what I’ve given to others. At the point that I embrace and accept my ability to help others I now believe and trust that it can have the same healing effect on me. Yesterday I fully felt and experienced me caring for the scared little child inside of me. And I’m still feeling it…’ E.L.

I went to Liz because I wanted more willpower to lose weight. I had lost weight before through exercise and healthier eating but it was the eating part that was the most difficult for me to sustain and I would put the weight back on.

Three months on from my sessions with Liz I have lost 2 stones (13 kg) which is great but the best part is that Liz has helped me change how I view and eat my food to the point that I not only believe I will achieve my goal but I will also maintain it. I love food, always have and always will – the difference now is that I do eat everything I enjoy but in moderation – my eating speed has slowed down tremendously which means I end up eating a lot less because I realise I’m full.

Liz can definitely help you achieve your goals if you work with her and remember it is you that makes your food choices and it is you that does the exercise.

Liz really has helped me to change my life and for that I am very grateful.’K.  

Here’s just a few of the places we’ve been featured and quoted 

‘Overcoming emotional eating’ online course
Sally and Liz  have worked with thousands of people just like you who never thought they could lose weight, be healthy and truly live the life they were truly meant to live. There’s a part of you that is so ready to let those damaging eating habits go and change how you feel about yourself and food forever and this course with their unique professional, therapeutic approach is here just for you.

With this course you will not only explore and discover your emotional triggers to over-eating you will also be guided in how to use their tried and tested powerful therapy tools so that you can eat for nourishment instead of self-punishment and achieve your weight loss goals once and for all.

Imagine how, by taking little more than ten to fifteen minutes in an evening for 6 or 7 weeks you can do work that is powerful enough to make a real and lasting difference in your relationship with yourself and food. That has to be worth fitting into your schedule – however busy you are.

Typically Sally and Liz see clients for 6 or 7 sessions and regularly achieve life changing and enduring shifts in how people feel and think about themselves –  letting go of the many self-limiting beliefs and negative thinking that can keep you stuck in old patterns of self-sabotaging behaviour.

The ‘Overcoming Emotional Eating’ on-line course is written in seven modules that you can work through at your own pace. Sally and Liz recommend that you spend about one week on each module. That will give you the opportunity to fully embrace their therapy approach and work with their most powerful therapy tools – all included in the course for you to download and keep forever as tools for life.

Course modules offer a step by step approach to resolving and erasing the reasons for emotional eating.
Here is a sample of the individual topics from all seven modules:-

Module one: What is emotional eating?
Reveal your own triggers
Time line your weight
Setting and visualising your goals

Module two: Acknowledging the present
Tuning into your self-talk
Discover your own self-talk
Revealing your own hidden limiting beliefs
Clearing resistance to change

Module three: End compulsive eating sugar cravings
Explore your sugar cravings
Discover your triggers
Ending sugar and food cravings
Your eating secrets revealed

Module four: Repairing your body image
Discover your own body judgements
Resolving self-loathing
What your fat says to you
Steps to acceptance
Release your fear of success

Module five: Setting and achieving your goals
The power of goal settings
Create your own ‘Dream-come-true’
Discover true motivation
Clearing blocks to your motivation
Release blocks to physical wellbeing

Module six: Breaking through
Check in with yourself
Run-the-movie technique
Extra power to support your positive changes
Release remaining resistance

Module seven: New day, new dawn
Becoming more intuitive
Remembering gratitude
Apex phenomenon
Honour your journey

Course resources created for you include:
40+ individual lessons
12 + video segments to introduce, demonstrate and inform
9 power hypnosis recordings to work direct with your sub-conscious mind
8 + unique PDF worksheets and templates to download and complete
Slide presentations to aid creating insights
Specially selected therapy tools to create the change you so desire
Full instructions for the chosen therapy tools to achieve the best results
Plus – Your own copy of ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ book written by your course creators, published by Hammersmith Books – mailed to you anywhere in the world.
Plus – Your invitation to join dedicated Face Book group where Sally and Liz will answer your queries and offer guidance to help you on your path to food freedom.

Ready to free yourself from the tyranny of food?
The Course fee for Overcoming emotional eating isis $499.
You can sign up and start leaving emotional eating in the past right now.
Enrol here and securely pay via Pay Pal or credit card.