Working on Your Body

If only it was as simple as eat less, move more…

Emotional Eating.

We’ve all eaten our feelings. Every single one of us.

However, if you’ve experienced trauma in your life then you will find it’s hard to stop emotional eating. Why would you want to stop doing the thing that gives you pleasure when life has been so tough?

That’s why eat less, move more doesn’t work for emotional eaters.

Whether it’s an overbearing partner, a stressful work or home life, overeating is a habit that takes over your life and controls you. When you tackle an addiction like alcohol, you’ll find that you abstain from the poisons that are polluting your body.

But you can’t just stop eating.

In fact, the foods you crave are highly addictive and trigger brain activity that is hard to reprogram if you’re not a specialist in emotional eating.

If you’re ready to make a change, and if you want to love your body and live a life where you control your eating instead of it controlling you, then I can help.

Click the request an appointment button (top right of the screen) and we’ll spend 30 minutes, in complete confidence about your emotional eating. I promise you can do this, if you want to.