Therapist Training

Professional psychiatrist training

As one of the first therapists to be awarded Master Practitioner status, and Trainer in Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC) Sally offers individual and small group training in London.

Incorporating PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique) in Therapy Practice

A one day course focussing on PSTEC best practice and how to resolve a wide range of presenting issues for therapists who are new to this powerful modality, and who wish to incorporate PSTEC successfully into their practice to achieve impressive results for their clients.

The day covers practical guidance on how to drill down, and focus on how to use PSTEC to clear the thoughts, memories or conclusions that will have the most beneficial therapeutic outcome for the client. Also, includes Therapist recommended PSTEC Resources and how and when to use each tool. PSTEC is a powerful set of therapy tools for therapists, coaches and educators.

Successful weight loss outcomes in therapy practice

​A one day workshop for practising therapists who wish to improve their outcomes for clients seeking to resolve weight loss issues. The workshop is based on the book Sally co-wrote called ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ (Hammersmith Books 2015) and how it reflects her own successful therapeutic approach to clients who commit to a six-week course of weekly therapy sessions.

The training provides guidance and insights from working successfully with clients to end sugar cravings; end self-sabotaging behaviour; resolve secondary gains; release issues around deserving and self-worth so that they can achieve the weight loss they desire. (Please note: This workshop is open to therapists who are already qualified EFT practitioners.)

Location and Rates

Monthly workshops are held in London SE4. (Zone 2)
The rate for a one day workshop is £475 for an individual. The day rate can be split between two, or a maximum of three participants sharing the day. Please call or email to discuss availability.