Therapy Session Fees

Ready to change your life?
If you are ready to change the way you feel about yourself and to vastly improve your life’s trajectory and the outcome you will also recognise you are ready to commit to the process of working with me. All you need to do is email me at and let me know how you would like to work with me choosing from the selection below; email to check the next mutually available start date and decide how you wish to pay the relevant fee.

Payment Options
If you want to pay by bank transfer you will receive an emailed pdf of Working on the Body’s bank account information.
If you are billing for my services through a company please supply full company address so that an official invoice can be raised.

If you prefer to pay via Pay Pal then admin will raise an invoice and email it back to you.(Pay Pal fees will be added at cost). This expands the payment method to include credit cards.

How do you want to work with me?
There are three ways to work with me so you can choose the best fit for you.

A monthly Premium package consisting of one 30-minutes Skype call to anywhere in the world per month plus my expert email support (usually £250 per month) with skilful guidance to keep you on track with clearing your self-sabotaging behaviour and reframing limiting beliefs so that you can let them go and continually move forward. There is no minimum period and you can choose to end your monthly commitment when the time feels right for you.
£355 per month

A three month Visionary package consisting of five 60 minute one to one sessions in London or Skype calls to anywhere in the world plus my expert email support over the three month period (usually £750) and skilful guidance to go deeper to remove long-held, negative self-beliefs that have kept you stuck and hampered you from living the life you were meant to live. You can also choose to exchange two of your Skype sessions for a two-hour face to face session when I will see you in London for a life-changing and truly liberating session.
Investment of £1,875

A one perfect day for life Mastery package consisting of a full day with me in Central London to chase down your demons, uncover deeply hidden limiting beliefs, explore and resolve secondary gains, resolve, release and see them gone. Prior to the one perfect day is a 60 minute Skype call to set priorities and to clear the way for productive and life-changing work as well as two follow-ups 60-minutes Skype calls. In addition, I share my mobile phone number with you for inter-session, often real-time (depending on time differences, etc), text-based expert responses as aspects of your work in progress come to the fore.
Investment of £2,875

Q&A about working with Sally Baker

Can I just book a single session?
Once you have been a client of mine via any of the packages above I am happy to see you for a top-up single session or to break through a newly discovered block. In isolation, it does not make sense to see me for just one session. it will do us both a dis-service as you will not get to do the deep, life-changing work you recognise you deserve. Please feel free to check with if after reading this you are still convinced you would benefit from a single session.
Single session rate is £460 dependent on availability

Exchanging Skype sessions for face to face sessions
This can be done on any of the above packages that include 60 minutes or more of Skype. The exchange ration is one to one Skype sessions for one face to face usually at my consulting room in London, a short train journey from London Bridge or easily accessed by car or taxi. Directions upon request.

It sometimes happens that technology proves wanting for Skype sessions and in those cases, the sessions will take place by old-school telephone.  I always recommend we do a short ‘test the technology’ session in advance so we can both find out what works and what we need to adjust. It isn’t always signal alone that can interfere with a Skype call so we can look at positioning, lighting etc.

Invitation to all potential clients
I offer an obligation free consultation of 45 mins for us to meet in person if possible or via the internet for me to take a full case history and for you to find out more fully how I work I would like to extend this invitation to you.

My work is typically with those who are exhausted, or over-whelmed coping with anyone, or more of the following typical issues. And, this is just a selection, you will, of course, have your own unique challenges in your life that have been keeping you stuck and making you unhappy.

  • Is your life limited by panic attacks?
  • Are you getting in the way of your own success and happiness?
  • Are your stress levels constantly higher than you wish?
  • Can your negative self-thinking spiral out of control?
  • Does your negative self-talk often remind you that you are not good enough?
  • Are you busy putting everyone’s needs before your own?
  • Do you play small to keep everyone else happy?
  • Do you doubt your judgement?
  • Do you blame yourself?
  • Are you living with a chronic illness?
  • Are you carrying excess weight?
  • Do phobias and fears reduce your ability to live a full life?
  • Is social phobia destroying your self-confidence?
  • Do you live in fear that your career will be compromised?
  • Has trauma or loss taken the joy out of your life?


If you are tired of not counting, especially with yourself, and truly ready to step up into your own life then the next thing to do is email