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Online Dating: How To Become Super Savvy And Have The Love In Your Life You’ve Been Seeking Self-Help Course

"Sally takes her clients through an exercise she does called 'The Perfect Day', getting them to describe what their perfect day would look like, from the location to the activities, to with whom that perfect day would ideally be spent. Sally encourages her clients to forget about realistic boundaries and to 'dream big' about what their day would look like. 'This is so if you only achieve half of what you want in your perfect day, it will still be amazing', she says."

Sally Baker

extract from GQ Magazine

Sally Baker said, "I’m one of three generations of social media dating successes..."

"In 1946 when Harry Baker returned home from the war in Burma, he became penpals with Nora Stuart. Their exchange of letters, the social media of their day, led to a short courtship and a long and happy marriage resulting in the birth of me and my two brothers.

I met my second husband in the year 2000 through the lonely hearts ‘Soulmates’ column of a UK national newspaper. In a time before dating apps, Arnie responded to my text only advert in the Saturday edition of the newspaper by leaving a recorded audio message. His voice message went to a temporary number where I could remotely retrieve my messages. This low-tech beginning heralded the start of my longest relationship   and to us still being happily married to this day.

Bang up to date now, my son met his wonderful wife on Tinder almost seven years ago. This year will see them celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary and the birth of their first child. Their story was not without its potential stumbling blocks. Just as they matched by both swiping right S told E she was leaving for France the next day for over a month. She suggested to my son that he might want to get on with dating other people while she was away. E said he was happy to chat and text until she returned to London and that’s what they did. Their unavoidable slow dating experience gave them additional time to build up a strong mutual attraction; to share insights into their individual interests; to laugh together and express their quirky sense of humour as well as develop a growing fondness that already looks set to be the enduring love of their lives."

Sally continues, "Now, multiply my family’s social media dating success with the success many hundreds of my clients’ have achieved with my help when looking for love online."

"Online dating can be particularly challenging if the person writing their profile isn't sure what they want for themselves," Sally says. "Their ambivalence can make their profile read as wishy-washy or uninspiring. Profiles that are written without clarity usually mean you attract the kind of people that aren't right for you, either on a casual basis or for something more serious and long term."

Sally Baker

extract from GQ Magazine

Today there are around fifty different dating platforms from Bumble to Hinge to Tinder through to more specific match making sites where everyone’s predilections can be matched with like minded potential mates.

There are several someones out there for everyone

In my work as a senior therapist I have for more than two decades taught numerous men and women how to become super savvy about online dating and to have the love in their life they’ve been seeking.

Working with a diverse client group I’ve become a firm believer in the potential for on-line dating success no matter whom they are looking for in their life.

However, the search for love, in real life or online is not without its pitfalls. Anyone who has dipped more than a toe into the world of online dating will already know it can be a challenging and disheartening search.

Why its vital to get super savvy about online dating

If you think looking for love online is just for millennials or Gen-Y you’d be mistaken. Relationships and family ties ebb and flow throughout our life.

What was once a union promised until death us do part is an increasing rarity. Men and women may now turn and return to online dating at any stage of their life, and they can feel as flummoxed and out of their depth as any teenager looking for their first love.

The statistics tell us everything

So, online dating is here to stay and the statistics bear that out too.

Since the first online dating site was registered in 1995 the industry has grown to be worth $6.7 billion globally (2018) with no sign of economic slow-down or down-turn.

The Future of Dating Report (Ref:2) based on data from eharmony found that around a third (32%) of relationships initiated between 2015 and 2019 begun online. This was an increase from the 19% of couples who initially met online between 2005 and 2014.

It is estimated in the UK alone by 2035 more than half of all relationships will be from initially meeting online. To underline this trend the UK’s You Gov (Ref: 3) research showed that as many couples met online than traditionally met at university/higher education and twice as many met online than through family or friends.

The online matchmaking algorithms are in the ascendency and it’s time for you to  discover how to use this online opportunity to your best advantage. It’s time for you to find the love you’re looking for.

Best wishes, Sally Baker
Senior Therapist & Relationship Expert

"Of course, your profile is not about being egotistical or showing off either, or any other kind of knob-head behaviour," Sally adds. "It is, however, about describing yourself and what you want in a real, approachable way that would resonate with the right people for you."

Sally Baker

extract from GQ Magazine

Here’s what I share with you in my self-help course so that you can get super savvy with your online dating

I will show you how to get super savvy about whom you want in your life through the Perfect Day protocol - a step by step visualisation process I use with my one to one clients for them to successfully find the love they’re looking for in their life.

It’s compelling.

It’s exhilarating.

You’ll be surprised by who you thought you were looking for before you begin your Perfect Day process.

  • Getting super savvy means you never get tempted to settle for less than you want.
  • Getting super savvy means you never get distracted  by random people.
  • My intuitive process guides you to develop clarity so you’ll be able to focus on exactly who you want to be. with at whatever stage of your life you are at.
  • I also show you dating red flags.  
  • I’ll demonstrate to you how consent works by providing you with clarity .
  • I'll help you discover or reconnect to your intuition to make happiness happen for you.
  • I'll teach you how to find love in the time of COVID.
  • I’ll show you whom you should consider taking further and who you should immediately kick to the kerb.
  • And, if you’re still feeling emotionally bruised and let down or bruised by a romantic betrayal I’ll show you how to recover from heartache and be wholehearted again. I'll teach you simple to use therapy techniques so you can erase that old emotional baggage and look forward to having love in your life that is right for you.

The Self-Help Dating Course includes:

  • A 26 page pdf including The Perfect Day step by step process
  • 3 x hypnosis guided visualisations to help you to close the doors on your past negative experiences; to visualise your future self and how to step into your power.
  • PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique)  2 free audio downloads to erase negative feelings. 
  • Video instructions for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for clearing past heart ache.
  • EFT instructions so that you can  resolve self-doubt and increase self-confidence.
  • Optional therapy support upgrade: 20% discount off my usual therapy session rates for either:
  • A single focused one-to-one 90 minute therapy session with me if you’re struggling with heartache or past emotional trauma that is holding you back from achieving happiness in your life now. This upgrade includes 20% discount on usual therapy session price and 20% discount on the self-help course giving you a total saving of £ 76.00.
  •  As an alternative to self-help you can be be fully supported through your online dating experience including my Perfect Day Protocol by booking three therapy sessions with me of 90 minutes each customised to focus on all the aspects you're currently struggling with in finding the love of your life. This includes erasing your limited beliefs, ending negative self-talk, resolving emotional heartache and trauma, while building your self-confidence and connecting to  your authentic self. This upgrade includes 20% discount on the price of my usual Dating Therapy Package and 20% discount on the self-help course giving you a total saving of £176.00.

You can chose my stand-alone, complete self-help dating course for a one-off investment of £79, or choose from two levels of upgrade and gain the benefits of my expert therapeutic experience focused exactly on where you are struggling to succeed in finding love in your life.


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within a month after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.