How it feels to work with Sally Baker

Read what some of my clients have experienced:

I have been uncomfortable with my body since I was about 10 years old. At 41 years old it made me terribly sad that this unhappiness with my body has been the constant thought at the back of my mind throughout my life. Even during times of achievement, success and important milestones it has been there. 

Sometimes it has been an overwhelming feeling of self-loathing and at other times just a niggling thought… it has always been there. I decided that after 31 years of endless failed attempts to achieve a size I am happy with and to maintain that size I needed to ask for help.

I acknowledged that diet alone was not the answer for me. If I could get a degree, a great job and raise kids successfully but couldn’t lose a few pounds then something else was going on and I needed somebody to help me find out what that was and help me find the solutions.

Sally helped me to tap in to memories and experiences that I had buried and was able to help me make the links between these and my relationship with food. She quickly helped me look at eating afresh and see it as an experience to enjoy and nourish me rather than an experience that reinforced feelings of self-hate or guilt.

Through various techniques I was able to visit myself at key points in my life and look at how experiences I thought I had left behind were unresolved needing to be healed. I felt at all times completely safe.

After 6 weeks with Sally’s support I have lost half a stone, I love good food and reject with ease previous unhealthy habits. I feel a sense of relief that I have been able to release a lot of pain and have a sense of hope for my future knowing I am strong and have the resolve to have a great and healthy life.

Changes were very subtle at first, and although I was aware of my good spirits, it was only when everyone at work started to comment on how much lighter I seemed – lighter in terms of weight but also in spirit – that I fully became aware of the effects of the therapy.

As well as having become smaller in size, I now feel much happier in myself. Finding out where my anxieties came from was an important revelation, and formed the basis for dealing with them. Sally is incredibly resourceful and has a myriad of techniques available for various issues that require on-the-spot thinking.

Sally is also a very warm and empathetic person, and I felt incredibly comfortable in her presence and in the working environment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

The sessions I had with Sally were excellent as I was able to work through several key challenges that were really keeping me stuck.

Sally’s style is engaging, thought-provoking , challenging and very informative. I originally saw Sally to help me work through relationship issues only to discover that I was severely lacking in confidence, had low internal value and was unable to set clear boundaries. All of which were having a detriment impact on how I was living my life.

Working with Sally and using PSTEC I have been able to implement significant change, which has made me more confident and focussed. I have introduced a number of changes to enable me to participate in the important things in my life….and this has had a massive impact on how I feel about myself and conduct my relationships both personally and professionally. Thank-you Sally.

I have seen Sally at two stages in my life where there were significant changes in my circumstances. The work she did caused subtle but powerful shifts in my conscious and subconscious thinking and behaviour which had a huge positive impact on me. I feel I am more confident and connected to myself and my emotions and can move forward into my future whereas previously I had felt stuck and helpless.

Having had the most horrendous year, losing a baby, then the boyfriend, then a nasty fall which involved a week in hospital and plastic surgery I was feeling very low. I had actually made contact with Sally as I wanted to try and lose weight through hypnotherapy, and as the layers of the onion peeled away during therapy it was clear to see I was an emotional wreck . Sally’s amazing ability to tune in to how i ticked and help in processing it all really moved me on through a very difficult time in my life .

We spent most of the sessions getting me over the break up, and the weight loss was parked until I was ready. I had 6 sessions and I can honestly say that I am in a much better place than I was when I first sat down with Sally, she definitely helped me to get here . It’s good to know that should I hit rock bottom again Sally is on hand.

After several sessions with Sally I noticed a number of improvements in my life. An increase in energy, more confidence, ability to focus, less anxiety and I am now experiencing better night’s sleep. EFT and PSTEC are wonderful tools that have enabled me to ditch some very old negative habits and behaviours that were, in essence, holding me back and stopping me from living a more fulfilling life. Thank-you.
D. London