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How to feel differently about food

Hammersmith Books, London

You don’t fail diets – diets fail you and eating purely for weight loss can deprive you of essential nourishment for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Neither is it how you love or honour yourself.

Sally Baker and Liz Hogon found many of their clients others were left confused by the mass of conflicting nutritional advice in the media; or prone to follow fad diets, or tempted to buy dubious diet pills online; or chemically loaded shakes; or unsustainable meal replacement plans leaving them feeling deprived, and failures when unable to adhere to misery-inducing calorie restrictions.

In recent years the feel-good benefits of eating unprocessed food on mental health, and eating nutritionally balanced meals have become more recognised. At the same time, the effect of a nutritionally poor diet has been scientifically linked to depression, poor gut health, autoimmune diseases, and the actual incidence of obesity itself.

Baker and Hogon felt compelled to offer more specific guidance, and to encourage their clients that successful weight loss can be achieved, and maintained following a eat real food approach with as much variety as possible complete with ample good fats to ensure satiety, and enhanced health. Hence How to Feel Differently about Food is a myth-busting entry-level guide to show readers how they achieve sustainable weight loss and improve their nutrition one meal at a time by just eating real food.

The aim of the book is also to undo the damaging propaganda, and influence of the food giants who have held sway for the past fifty to sixty years with their processed food propaganda. It provides practical shortcuts and easy to prepare meals that work for modern, time poor, working people so they can find their own way to feel differently about food.

7 simple steps to stop emotional eating

Hammersmith Books, London

A practical guide from therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon to understand the emotional reasons for overeating and how to overcome them.

Are overeating and staying over-weight unconscious ‘survival decisions’ for you or someone you care about?

If they are, no matter how many tried-and-tested diets you follow, you will not succeed.

Therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon offer this practical guide to understanding the emotional reasons for overeating and how to overcome these, based on their training and experience in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnotherapy, PSTEC and other related therapies.

Throughout they illustrate their approach with client case histories and help readers to put theory into practice with step-by-step exercises.

The getting of resilience from the inside out

Hammersmith Books, London