Therapy Rates

Credit card and pen

A 90 minute focused therapy session to successfully resolve a specific issue 

Gold Standard Six Session intensive therapy to transform how you think and feel about yourself

90 day peak performance break-through intervention & therapy  

Six session emotional eating & disordered eating therapy

Four session 'Hypno band' weight loss focused therapy

The perfect day protocol inc GQ magazine featured 'Perfect Day Dating Protocol'

Four session stay stopped smoking/vaping therapy

Somethings to note...

Fees: I  don't want money to be a stumbling block to anyone seeking therapy. Therefore I am happy to offer places, sometimes via a short waiting list, for qualifying clients on a sliding fee scale to those who cannot afford to access private therapy. I specifically prioritise people living South East London, the area where I live, and those with chronic illness, as I acknowledge the impact on earning capacity.  Please make contact for more details. 

Confidentiality: I also wanted to emphasise that as I am often recommended by previous clients to their friends or family members as potential therapy clients that I assure individual confidentiality within the therapeutic relationship.