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Overcome Emotional Eating

Do you feel bad when you eat the wrong things?
Does you self-esteem go through the floor?
Do you call yourself names and hate yourself?

With this course, you will learn some incredible insights about yourself that will make it impossible for you to carry on soothing yourself with food and fooling yourself that you can swallow down your feelings with chocolate and sugar.

1-2-1 Therapy Sessions

Are you ready to work in the most powerful and focused way to transform how you think and feel about yourself?

If you are ready to release your negative limiting beliefs and end your self-sabotaging behaviours then book an obligation-free discovery call with me.

It’s your opportunity to tell me more about you and for me to explain how I work. From our conversation, we can find out if we are a good fit to achieve the outcomes you want for yourself.

My Books

Writing books has been a fantastic way to distil all the learning I have experienced working for almost twenty years in private practice.

I also teach you the therapy techniques I have found to be the most effective in my work so that you have them as self-help tools for whatever life throws at you.

Is the green eye’d monster colouring your vision

  Is the green Eye’d monster colouring your vision Feeling jealousy when you see an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend out with their new beau says a lot more about how you think and feel about yourself than just reacting to the pang of the green-eyed monster. Ex's are ex's...

Would I lie to you? And how would you know?

  Would I lie to you? And how would you know? We are seemingly living in the age of post-truth and even blatant lies so it can feel daunting to be a seeker of truth in our personal relationships. There is so much deception, and hidden agendas its challenging to know...

Playing for connection

  Playing for connection Maybe it is as if the addictive power of the latest shiny tech smartphone or tablet might be loosening its grip on us all at last - or at least for some of us. Or, maybe it's just not so great after all that everyone is plugged into their own...

Therapy Digest 09

      Therapy Digest 09 Ghosting arrives in the workplace while deviant sex and violence are played out in the virtual world of video gaming or in our own head. Plus simple steps to accountability.   The ghost in the machine Ghosting as a term originated in the world...

Are drug users in your workplace?

Are drug users in your workplace? It is no surprise that a recent report by a US federal government agency acknowledged that some 69 per cent of illicit drug users in the United States is in employment. As a London based therapist often the clients who come to see me...

Women quit sex after cancer

Women quit sex after cancer. I was saddened but not surprised to read a recent headline in the Daily Mirror newspaper quoted the results of a survey from the UK’s Breast Cancer Care charity. They asked nearly 1,000 women of whom almost 95% said cancer treatment had...

Testimonials From Clients

‘I’ve had big emotional overeating issues for all of my 58 years and I was feeling resigned to becoming an unhealthy and overweight 60-year-old. Various changes in my life had made my problem seem quite insurmountable, but thanks to your help I have lost 18 pounds so far. I really feel now that next summer’s big event will be the milestone birthday of a newly slim 60-year-old!’


‘I feel finally able to clear away the physical and “emotional” fat to allow my true self to shine out there in the world. You have supported me to learn how to do this for myself, on my own. I can really do this!!!’


‘After several sessions with Sally I noticed a number of improvements in my life. An increase in energy, more confidence, ability to focus, less anxiety and I am now experiencing better night’s sleep. EFT and PSTEC are wonderful tools that have enabled me to ditch some very old negative habits and behaviour that were in essence holding me back and stopping me from living a more fulfilling life. Thank-you!’