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Writing books has been a fantastic way to distil all the learning I have experienced working for almost twenty years in private practice.

I also teach you the therapy techniques I have found to be the most effective in my work so that you have them as self-help tools for whatever life throws at you.

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Sally Baker - Therapist, Author and Speaker

I’m an award-winning, senior, licensed and accredited therapist based in London, England with some twenty years of experience of seeing clients for a wide range of complex and challenging issues.

I specialise in working with people who feel broken or stuck. People who feel as if there is some impenetrable barrier they just can’t break through.

As a therapist, I specialise in going straight to the root of the problem by helping you clear the unconscious negative thoughts, limiting -beliefs and damaging behaviours that make you feel broken and keep you stuck.

If you’ve reached the point where enough is enough, and you’re finally ready to do what it takes to get what you want, call me on 07986 812851 or request a connection on Skype to Sallyeft. I also offer an obligation free discovery call via the link in the navigation bar.

What people say about me

The sessions I had with Sally were excellent as I was able to work through several key challenges that were really keeping me stuck.  Sally's style is engaging, thought-provoking, challenging and very informative. I originally saw Sally to help me work through relationship issues, only to discover that I was severely lacking in confidence, had low internal value and was unable to set clear boundaries. All of which were having a detrimental impact on how I was living my life. Working with Sally and using PSTEC I have been able to implement significant change, which has made me more confident and focused. I have introduced a number of changes to enable me to participate in the important things in life... and this has had a massive impact on how I feel about myself and conduct my relationships both personally and professionally. Thank you Sally.  DD

Changes were very subtle at first, and although I was aware of my good spirits, it was only when everyone at work started to comment on how much lighter I seemed – lighter in terms of weight but also in spirit – that I fully become aware of the effects of the therapy. As well as become smaller in size, I now feel much happier in myself. Finding out where my anxieties came from was an important revelation, and formed the basis for dealing with them. Sally is incredibly resourceful and has a myriad of techniques available for various issues that require on-the-spot thinking. Sally is also a very warm and empathetic person, and I feel incredibly comfortable in her presence and in the working environment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.  AS

Having had the most horrendous year, losing a baby, then a boyfriend, then a nasty fall which involved a week in hospital and plastic surgery, I was feeling very low. I had actually made contact with Sally as I wanted to try and lose weight through hypnotherapy, and as the layers of the onion peeled away during therapy, it was clear to see I was an emotional wreck. Sally's amazing ability to tune in to how I ticked and help in processing it all really moved me on through a very difficult time in my life. We spent most the sessions getting me over my break-up, and the weight loss was parked until I was ready. I had six sessions and I can honestly say that I am in a much better place than I was when I first sat down with Sally, she has definitely helped me to get here. It's good to know that should I hit rock bottom again, Sally is on hand.  HM

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