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The Best You Cafe´ is a place for people just like you who are tired of yo-yo dieting and self-sabotaging behaviour that stops you from living your life to its full potential.

It’s the place to find guidance and support as well as effective and powerful resources that transform the way you think and feel about yourself.

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Are you ready to work in the most powerful and focused way to transform how you think and feel about yourself?

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It’s your opportunity to tell me more about you and for me to explain how I work. From our conversation, we can find out if we are a good fit to achieve the outcomes you want for yourself.

My Books

Writing books has been a fantastic way to distil all the learning I have experienced working for almost twenty years in private practice.

I also teach you the therapy techniques I have found to be the most effective in my work so that you have them as self-help tools for whatever life throws at you.

Side-ways walking could be the way to go

Stephania Piazzalunga is a psychotherapist working in Italy and a great advocate for the curative power of walking. She says that it is when we walk that our inner thoughts are revealed to us via a sort of meditation in motion. Piazzalunga believes that walking in...

Avoiding dairy? The you need to read this

  If you are avoiding dairy products because of dietary requirements or through choice be aware that other less obvious milk-derived ingredients are concealed in pre-prepared foods with names such as: Acidophilus milk Ammonium caseinate Buttermilk powder Calcium...

Lunch time or comfort break?

Perkbox a UK based employee benefits provider commissioned research into the incidence of comfort eating with male and female workers and found women are nearly twice as likely to comfort eat in order to deal with stress than men. Almost 50 per cent of women surveyed...

Striking a digital balance

In a bid to improve his quality of life regarding mental health and happiness the creator of the X-Factor, Simon Cowell has revealed that he has not used his mobile phone for almost a year. He told the Mail on Sunday newspaper that his phone-abstinence had absolutely...

Therapy Digest 03

Hangry is a real emotion The term ‘Hangry’ meaning angry and hungry has been added to Oxford English Dictionary this year. A real phenomenon for many of us is that as your empty stomach rumbles become more frequent, your temper shortens giving us the concept of being...

Fortnite’s gaming-widows turn to drink

Family life is not just in chaos with children addicted to ‘Fortnite' the latest video game craze, but their Dad’s are spending their evenings glued to video games too. It’s happening with such regularity that their partners are checking out most evenings...

Testimonials From Clients

‘I’ve had big emotional overeating issues for all of my 58 years and I was feeling resigned to becoming an unhealthy and overweight 60-year-old. Various changes in my life had made my problem seem quite insurmountable, but thanks to your help I have lost 18 pounds so far. I really feel now that next summer’s big event will be the milestone birthday of a newly slim 60-year-old!’


‘I feel finally able to clear away the physical and “emotional” fat to allow my true self to shine out there in the world. You have supported me to learn how to do this for myself, on my own. I can really do this!!!’


‘After several sessions with Sally I noticed a number of improvements in my life. An increase in energy, more confidence, ability to focus, less anxiety and I am now experiencing better night’s sleep. EFT and PSTEC are wonderful tools that have enabled me to ditch some very old negative habits and behaviour that were in essence holding me back and stopping me from living a more fulfilling life. Thank-you!’