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Sally Baker - Senior Therapist & Media Commentator

 Thank you for visiting my media page.  

I’m a London based senior therapist, published writer, and media commentator.

l regularly write and comment about human behaviour and therapy insights for a range of different issues, including ITV's Love Island, celebrity life,  sex & relationships, family, mental health, resilience, emotional & disordered eating, health & wellbeing.  

On the consumer side, I have been interviewed and quoted in New York Post, HuffPost, MTV News, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Metro, The Star, Cosmopolitan, Closer, Marie Claire, Woman & Home,  Woman’s Health, LadBible, and Observer magazine.

On the corporate side, I have been commissioned by Cow PR,,,  Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates,,, Optrex and 

I’ve appeared as an invited guest on BBC Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 5 Drive Time, BBC Radio 5 Afternoon Edition,  BBC Radio 5 Sunday evening programme, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland and TalkRadio. 

I am a guest speaker and workshop leader on a range of topics including perseverance, overcoming emotional eating, human behaviour, confidence building and self-transformation.  

I am a published author with Hammersmith Books currently completing my third title, 'The Getting of Resilience from the Inside Out' for publication in late 2019. 

I love to blog and tweet on all things therapy, celebrity and the glimpses of human vulnerability that exist just below the polished, shiny surface of popular culture which I find endlessly fascinating.

Working with me
 If you are interested in finding out more about my work or to see how we can work together, including corporate commissions, please contact my PR Manager Caroline Eddins. 

Tel: + (44) 07796 780663;
T: @blondepreneur (DM’s open)

Covid-19 Coverage articles


BBC World Service ‘Newsday’ programme
I was an invited as an expert guest to talk about the Corvid-19 social isolation strategy. In particular helping people put things into perspective psychologically with coping strategies and how to keep a routine whilst staying safe during this time. Listen at 36.23 mins in.  17 March 2020

Millennial Love

The Independent Lifestyle desk’s dating and relationships podcast, Millennial Love
I was invited by Olivia Petter as an expert in relationships to comment on four women’s experiences of socially distant dates during Coronavirus. 22 May 2020

Independent newspaper

Independent newspaper
I’m quoted here by Journalist Helen Coffey in her feature on ‘How to beat the post-easter break blues under lockdown' with guidance on how to stay motivated now it feels as though there’s nothing to look forward to?  14 April 2020


I was interviewed by Journalist Rachel Moss in her feature ‘How to Navigate First Dates in the Coronavirus Outbreak’  and explained how dating in the time of virus is feasible if you have clarity about what you want romantically. 11 March 2020

The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper G2
Five Ways column ‘How to be upbeat’ Journalist Nell Frizzell included two of my suggested ways to help you achieve a more positive outlook. This came out on the cusp of CoVid-19 and is even more relevant today than when it was first published. Print and online editions. 13 January 2020

Yahoo! Style

Yahoo! Style
I’m quoted by Journalist Caroline Allen in her piece about why experts think it is important to take holiday days during lockdown. 1 May 2020

Top 10 Films

Top 10 Films  
I was asked to comment by journalist Rory Fish in his feature ‘How Our Outbreak Entertainment Habits Might Be DIY “Exposure Therapy.” I comment on how the niche popularity of pandemic disaster movies and TV shows during Covid-19 lockdown is a predictable psychological response for some people to cope with feelings of overwhelm.

New Post Leader

News Post Leader  
The Psychology behind lockdown fatigue. I was asked by journalist Sarah Wilson why so many people were struggling with lethargy during CoVid-19 stay at home rules. 18 May 2020

Good To Know

Good To Know  
Journalist Grace Walsh asked me to comment on the psychology of cleaning for her feature about how people are doing more cleaning now they are in lockdown. I was asked Gives tips on how not be become overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning your whole house. 3 April 2020

Love Island articles


 I’m quoted by journalist Jamie Harkin in his feature focusing on reality TV and the negative impact of shows like Love Island. Are these programmes harmless escapism or bad for mental health. July 2019

Independent newspaper

The Independent 
Love Island
Quoted in the Independent by Life Style Journalist Olivia Petter about the dark side of reality television in her feature ‘Love Island: The terrible toll of life as a reality star after the cameras are turned off.’ July 2019


Love Island
Quoted in the Life Section of by journalist Jennifer McShane in her feature
‘Love Island: Harmless TV or seriously impacting our self-esteem?’ June 2019

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales
Love Island
Invited guest on Jason Mohammed’s morning radio show to respond to phone-in comments about ITV2's rating winning summer series 'Love Island' - Is It trash TV or unique insights into human behaviour? July 2018

Celebrity articles


Quoted by journalist Rebecca Reid for The Metro about why we find some celebrities annoying. May 2019

Independent newspaper

Commissioned by The Independent’s Life Style Editor Harriet Hall to write an opinion piece in The Independent Life Style Section about how a new royal baby affects the psychology of the wider public. July  2019

MTV news

MTV's 'True Love or True Lies UK

Sally Baker wrote and scripted insights and observations as a therapist and behavioural specialist for Celebrity Big Brother 2018 on the interactions between Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen.

Interviewed on camera as a therapist and behavioural specialist for MTV News for MTV's summer series ‘True Loves or True Lies’ explaining on camera how to pick up on the signs when someone is lying to you and how to tell when someone is really keen on you. Directed by Daniel Harding. Featured on YouTube, The Mirror, The Metro, Viva Manchester and other platforms. August 2018

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live
Leaving Neverland Documentary
Invited guest on host Stephen Nolan’s Sunday evening programme to discuss the alleged sexual abuse of Wade Robson and James Safechuck as children by Michael Jackson in the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ and to explore why survivors of sexual abuse are often considered to be unreliable witnesses. The interview was timed to coincide with the broadcast of the documentary on Channel 4 television later that same week. 3 March 2019

dailymail logo

Daily Mail  Show Business Section
"So, drugs are cool", Lily?
Interviewed by Faye White, Show business reporter to provide expert comments as therapist commenting on Lily Allen’s recent admissions about drugs. 16 May 2018,  

Sex and Relationship articles


How to create the perfect Tinder profile
I was commissioned by Journalist Sarah Manavis as a relationship therapist for GQ magazine. I worked with three volunteers Sarah found to upgrade their online dating profiles to increase the chances of them successfully finding their ideal partners. The feature focuses on a therapy method I’ve developed specifically for people looking for love called ’The Perfect Day Protocol’.  October 2019


I’m quoted here with some crucial strategies to protect your mental health If you are struggling with a partner’s gambling addiction and the accompanying lies & deceit. February 2020


Due to economics or logistics as many as 9 million people have been left with no choice but to continue to cohabit. Journalist Natasha Gregson asked me to contribute a five step plan for living with an ex.

New York Post

New York Post 
One in ten women ‘never feel confident during sex': survey
I was commissioned to provide expert comments and quotes to accompany the results of a survey carried out on behalf of online health care clinic ‘euroClinix’ about the sexual confidence women feel during sex and in their own sexual abilities. 23 January 2019

Irish Examiner

Irish Examiner to coincide with Earth Day 2020 I’m quoted in a Press Association feature ‘Why eco consciousness is the key dating trend right now.’ The article explores how singletons are increasingly looking for potential mates who share their views on saving the planet. They consider people who are eco-aware are more empathic which is an attribute they value in a mate. 22 April 2020


‘Mothers who had abortions share their stories’ 
A personal account of my experience with abortion as told to journalist Rachel Ross. Nov 2019


Quoted by journalist Almara Abgarian for the Metro to explore what sexual taboo will define the next generation  May 2019


Half of all couples aren't having sex on Valentine's Day
I was quoted by journalist Sophie Gallagher about sex and Valentine’s Day. 14 February 2019

Global News

Global News
Why some people have sex even when they don’t want to
Quoted by journalist Laura Hensley on how maintenance sex can be a way to retain or increase  intimacy in long term relationships
12 April 2019


Cosmopolitan UK 
"The surprising way my sex life changed after I was raped" written by journalist Laura Hunter-Thomas who asked me to supply expert opinion and comments for her feature. 11 January 2019


'Think you’re missing out on Valentines night?'  
Well you’re not alone. I’m quoted in The LadBible about the truth about sex and relationships. 13 February 2019

Family articles

Yahoo! Style

I was asked by journalist Caroline Allen to give a therapist’s opinion on parents booking childcare for when they are too hung-over during Christmas to care for their children. 11. December 2019

Telegraph Logo

The Telegraph Lifestyle / Family Section
‘Fortnite fury: The extremes parents are going to, to get their children off this addictive game’
Quoted by Helena Pozniak as a therapist commenting on the importance of parental boundaries with video gaming.
13 June 2018  


BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour  
Live on air discussion presented by Jane Garvey between myself and another mother about whether home can be a sanctuary for our age of consent teenager off-spring to sleep over with their girl or boyfriend. 26 June 2018


Metro UK
‘How should we discuss suicide with children who have been impacted by it?’
Quoted by Lisa Bowman as a therapist advising on age-appropriate information for children affected by a death by suicide of someone they knew. 28 May 2018   `

Mental Health articles

BBC News

BBC News I was interviewed by Health reporter Joshua Haigh about ‘What is the science behind The Goop Lab's claims?’ and in particular their coverage of some of the latest, ground breaking therapies including psychedelic mushrooms as a way to induce a cathartic experience to shift trauma and chronic depression. 8 February 2020


I was asked by journalist Almara Abgarian for an expert contribution to her feature about how managers can help improve the mental health of their workers.


I was asked by Senior lifestyle reporter Natalie Morris, Senior lifestyle reporter for tips to protect mental health when struggling with the emotional fallout following the General Election result. 13 December 2019


I was interviewed on camera by Andy Wasley who produced & directed this short documentary about how mental health can be improved by spending time in nature.

Daily Star

Quoted by journalist Chloe Stewart in The Daily Star Showbiz section under the heading TV therapist HITS OUT at Jeremy Kyle Show: ‘We’ve all had enough.’ May 2019

Shout Out

Interviewed and quoted by Journalist Sarah Randall for to discuss how air brushing apps can play on people’s insecurities about how they look and can impact mental well being. May 2019

Observer Magazine

Observer Magazine Weekend Supplement
Psychology of Gift Buying
Journalist Sophie Goddard commissioned me to provide expert insights and comments on what makes gift buying so challenging for many people.
The copy was part of paid for content for campaign. Published 23 December 2018 Print version

Telegraph Logo

The Telegraph Lifestyle Section 
Blue Monday reconsidered: Why we should celebrate this annual day of sadness
Journalist Jack Rear interviewed me for my expert opinion on the pressure people feel under to be happy all of the time and what’s wrong with leaning in to honour all our feelings. January 2019

Telegraph Logo

The Telegraph
The Rise of 'gymhibition' - and how to overcome it. Interviewed by journalist Tomé Morrissy-Swan to provide strategies for readers to decrease the incidence of anxiety linked to social media and popular culture pressure to be  body-perfect when going to a gym. January 2019

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live
Blue Monday
 Invited guest on the Afternoon Edition with host Nihal Arthanayake and fellow guest Professor Paul Dolan to discuss and provide expert comments on the pressure to be happy all of the time. Interview coincided with Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. January 2019

Talk Radio

'Talk Radio' Breakfast Show
Compulsive Shopping
 Invited guest interviewed by presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer for corporate client FinTec Company 'iZettle' about the addictive nature of online shopping with the retail giants. October 2018


Metro UK
"Is toxic positivity ruining your mental health?"
Interviewed and quoted by journalist Fiona Thomas about the pressure to always be happy and to ignore more challenging emotions. Published to coincide with International Day of Happiness. March 2019


Metro UK
'What do constant nightmares tell you?'
Interviewed by journalist Almara Abgarian for the Metro UK to provide expert insights into nightmares and what clues they can provide for mental health. February 2019


Metro UK
 ‘Oniomania: the behavioural disorder that goes beyond being a shopaholic’
Quoted by name and profession by Bethany Smith about compulsive behaviour. May 2018

‘How wearable devices are becoming key players in the fight against addiction’
Quoted  in Wearable feature by journalist Becca Caddy about addictive behaviour with high functioning addicts and how to change behaviour. May 2018


Metro UK
‘The idea of getting rid of it would make me panic and freeze: What its like to have hoarding disorder
 Quoted by name and profession by Sirena Bergman about this compulsive behaviour. May 2018.    


Metro UK
 ‘Stop telling me to go on a digital detox: social media is actually helping my mental health’ 
Quoted by journalist Fiona Thomas about how social media can help some people feel connected - especially when too anxious to go out. February 2018.


Metro UK
‘Planning your wedding when you have depression: how I made it work’ 
Quoted by journalist Fiona Thomas to provide expert therapeutic based advice and suggested coping strategies. February 2018.

City University of London

City, University of London
Interviewed by  journalism student Molly Long for her written research on the enduring affects on self-esteem and mental well-being of an early toxic relationship. March 2019

City University of London

City, University of London
 Interviewed by journalism student Julia Gdowka for her written feature on the impact of weather and climate change on mental health.  March 2019

City University of London

City, University of London
Audio interview to provide expert comments for a radio news package on loneliness and its impact on mental health by journalism student Valeria Martinez at City, University of London. February 2019


#TimetoTalk National Campaign
As part of the #TimetoTalk social media campaign I was  interviewed by journalist David Hillier for Platf9rm who asked me to recommend mental health strategies to set up and maintain a healthier relationship with social media when you're working as a freelance. February 2019

Resilience articles


Metro UK 
'The Importance of failure to build resilience'
I was asked by journalist Fiona Thomas to contribute expert opinion for a feature she wrote on the role failure can play in building resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity. 17 January 2019

Emotional and Disordered Eating articles

BBC Radio Wales

I was the invited as the expert guest on Jason Mohammed’s morning programme to give my comments on including minutes of exercise required to walk off the calories in pre-packaged food. I thought it was an extremely unhelpful suggestion that would trigger those with an eating disorder or in recovery.
11 December 2019

Good Housekeeping

‘7 ways to beat emotional eating this winter’
Journalist Cathy Struthers referred to mine and Liz Hogon’s self-help book ‘How to Feel Differently About Food’ as well as including expert comments on how to support changes in behaviour to create new, healthier habits. November 2018


Invited to be a guest blog post contributor for Healthista discussing the role of your emotions in weightloss and weight gain. “13 tips for weight loss without dieting - clue it’s all in your head”


“The do’s and don’ts of mindful eating” featured on the Weight Watchers official website with quote from the book I co-wrote with @LizHogon ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating.

Marie Claire

I was interviewed by Anita Bhagwandas for her feature, “Are you guilty of emotional eating? Here’s how to break the habit – fast” in Marie Claire print and online editions to mark the publication of the second book I co-wrote with Liz Hogon’s ‘How to Feel Differently About Food.’  January 2017

BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland
Personal Best weekly lunch time programme
“How To Feel Differently About Food: author and therapist Sally Baker explains why we need to eat for nourishment and health instead of out of habit or for emotional reasons ... and suggests simple ways we can kick-start some positive new habits.”

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales
Crash Dieting 
 Invited and paid expert guest to discuss the pressure on young women, in particular, to attempt crash diets, obtain potentially dangerous diet pills or have plastic surgery to fit a very narrow ideal of body-shape and size. August 2018


'My Teatox Habit Turned into a Laxative Abuse Problem' 
Quoted by name and profession by India Benjamin as an expert in disordered eating. 30 March 2018. 

Closer magazine

Closer Magazine
Summer Diet Special Beach Body
Mindset tips commissioned by Maddy Biddulph.  Print edition May 2018

Understanding Obesity - The Sally Baker Interview

Interviewed by bariatric surgery advocate and influencer Danielle Hallette on her YouTube channel.

The Femedic

The Femedic
'We Need to Talk About Intuitive Eating'
My therapeutic experience of what intuitive eating means, especially in the face of an eating disorder, is quoted here by journalist and founder of The Femedic platform, Monica Karpinski. January 2019

Health and Wellbeing articles

Boots Health & Beauty

Quoted by journalist Caroline Crampton in her feature, ‘Take the plunge’ about solo travel in Boots Health & Beauty magazine May 2019 issue. Print and online editions

Insider Health

The Insider - Health 
'Why you experience hangover guilt or 'beer fear' after a heavy night of drinking'
Quoted   by Lindsay Dodgson to provide a physiological and psychological explanation of the phenomena. August 2018

Human Behaviour articles


Which? Magazine
I was interviewed by their consumer rights editor Adam French in the opinion column to discuss if some companies exploit our psychology to manipulate us into abandoning customer service calls. Print  and on-line version available to subscribers only. April 2020

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live
Invited guest on early evening ‘Five Live Drive’ programme co-hosted Sarah Brett and Tony Livesey to discuss the open letter Liverpool Echo newspaper sent to the Daily Mail in advance of the annual disparaging comments the Mail make’s about some of the women’s behaviour and fashion sense who attend Ladies Day at Aintree Race Course.
5 April 2019


'Why some men find it so difficult to use urinals?'
Interviewed by journalist Louis Staples to provide expert comments for a feature about some men’s fear of using public urinals.

Corporate articles

Commissioned as a relationship expert to interpret a survey they initiated on how the destinations holiday makers choose reflect different relationship stages. September 2019

Real Homes

Commissioned to write about the psychology of cleaning for client 24/7 Blinds though Journey Further PR. May 2019

How family time can benefit mental well being as part of the #LifeLoves series: It’s a family affair for Savoo site. 14 February 2019

Splash About
Interviewed to provide expert comments on how to help young children overcome anxiety about visiting a swimming pool and how to help them enjoy the experience.


Tombola official sponsors of I'm a Celebrity ...  /
Phobias and irrational fears go back to the beginning of time itself. I was commissioned to provide expert quotes and comments about the most common fears people have by Tombola Bingo Gambling company who were the official sponsors of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. December 2018

Bedco Limited 
Expert contribution to their  ‘Draw Your Dreams’ campaign written by Dee Stockman. I was asked about the role of  dream analysis in therapy. July 2018


IZettle AB / Cow PR 
Giant Corp Rehab Centre,  London.
Sally Baker was employed as the in-house therapist to pre-prepare, create and facilitate two whole days of small live group workshops for compulsive shoppers looking to develop strategies to reduce their dependency on online shopping.

She worked to the client's exacting brief through CowPR for Swedish fintech company iZettle AB.  
12 and 13 October 2018.

Sally Baker's involvement with the extensive media campaign included preparing a selection of media quotes; pre-event photoshoots and live interviews for broadcast radio including the BBC, national press and online platforms.

Lily O'Brien's

Lily O'Brien's Chocolates / Stylist Magazine
I worked to the journalist's brief to create expert-opinion on the theme of 'The Psychology of Sharing' for a whole page advert for Lily O'Brien's brand for London's Stylist Magazine. I was quoted extensively and credited throughout.
 October 2018


I worked to the journalist's brief to create expert-opinion copy for the Optrex corporate brand. September 2018

Speaker Events, Workshops and Podcast Guest articles

Sally Baker is available as an expert contributor for live events and workshops . She draws on her many years of experience as a senior therapist to provide deep, meaningful strategies and effective therapeutic approaches and commentary.

PSTEC logo

PSTEC and weight loss interview
Invited podcast guest to explain how I successfully use a specific therapy approach in my therapy practice to achieve successful weight loss for my clients.

Wonder Woman Workshops

Wonder Woman of the month workshop
Guest presenter talking on the topic of ‘How limiting beliefs can keep us from fulfilling our full potential’ to Wonder Women’s membership group.

Perseverance matters

Invited as a panelist: 
‘Why Perseverance Matters’ live discussion hosted by Natwest Entrepreneurial Hub as part of Sage Business Meetup in Islington, London. Accompanied by two other panelists (Geoffrey Williams, Director, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Thomas Reuters, and Leela Bassi, Multilingual Speaker and Mentor) with a live audience. November 2018

“Sally was a fantastic panellist at the Why Perseverance Matters event that I hosted. She was authentic and not afraid to give a challenging point of view. She explains things well, with humour and provides food for thought. Sally was easy to work in partnership with. The queen of soundbites, I would highly recommend her as a speaker.” Jenny Garrett Panel Chair, Award Winning Executive Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker, TV Expert.

Sally Baker find inner balance

Sally has been an invited guest speaker:
‘The Best You’ Conference and Exhibition 2017
Annual International Conference Meridian Energy Therapists, Eastbourne 2016
NLP Confidence Experts, London 2016

take your power summit

Interviewed as an expert therapist:
Take Your Power Back Summit 2018
International Menopause Summit 2018

Sally regularly speaks and comments on topics such as:
Strategies for transforming & resolving anxiety and panic attacks
Workplace mental health
Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
High functioning addicts
The perfectionist imperative
Overcoming emotional eating
Ending self-sabotaging behaviour
Resilience building and how to erase negative limiting beliefs.
Technology and parental boundaries
Family relationship re self-harming, disordered eating
Self-care burnout prevention
Stress Management