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Sally Baker - Senior Therapist, Author & Speaker     

When you are looking for an expert for press comments or to contribute to your radio or TV show then please make contact.

I'm an award-winning, senior, licensed and accredited therapist based in London, England with some twenty years of experience of seeing clients for a wide range of complex and challenging issues.

I'm highly trained and professionally qualified. I commit to continuing professional development which is a requirement of my annual registration to practice.

I'm media savvy and understand how fast a story can evolve so I am practised in delivering to your specific brief to your tight deadlines.

For all press and PR enquiries please contact Caroline Eddins, my PR manager with your requirements:
Tel: + (44) 07796 780663; Twitter: @blondepreneur DM’s open

I look forward to supporting you in whatever way I can.

Below are some of the media and speaking engagements I have recently completed so you can feel confident that I can give you what you need.

In the news...

New York Post

New York Post: One in ten women ‘never feel confident during sex: survey
I was commissioned to provide expert comments and quotes to accompany the results of a survey carried out on behalf of online health care clinic ‘euroClinix’ about the sexual confidence women feel during sex and in their own sexual abilities. 23 January 2019


Metro UK The Importance of failure to build resilience
I was asked by journalist Fiona Thomas to contribute expert opinion for a feature she wrote on the role failure can play to build resilience or the ability to bounce back from adversity.
17 January 2019

The Femedic

The Femedic We Need to Talk About Intuitive Eating
My therapeutic experience of what intuitive eating means, especially in the face of an eating disorder, is quoted here by journalist and founder of The Femedic platform, Monica Karpinski. January 2019

Telegraph Logo

Telegraph Lifestyle Section Blue Monday reconsidered: why we should celebrate this annual day of sadness
Journalist Jack Rear interviewed me for my expert opinion on the pressure people feel under to be happy all of the time and what’s wrong with leaning in to honour all ones feelings.
21 January 2019


Cosmopolitan UK  "The surprising way my sex life changed after I was raped" written by journalist Laura Hunter-Thomas who asked me to supply expert opinion and comments for her feature. 11.1.2019

Telegraph Logo

The Telegraph - The Rise of 'gymhibition' - and how to overcome it. Interviewed by journalist Tomé Morrissy-Swan to provide strategies for his readers to decrease the incidence of anxiety linked to social media and some popular culture programmes pressure of being body-perfect when going to a gym. 10.1.2019

Talk Radio

'Talk Radio' Breakfast Show Invited guest interviewed by presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer for corporate client FinTec Company 'iZettle' about the addictive nature of online shopping with the retail giants. October 11, 2018

Insider Health

The Insider - Health  'Why you experience hangover guilt or 'beer fear' after a heavy night of drinking' Quoted by name and profession by Lindsay Dodgson. Provided a physiological and psychological explanation of the phenomena. August 2018

Telegraph Logo

Telegraph Newspaper Lifestyle / Family section ‘Fortnite fury: The extremes parents are going to, to get their children off this addictive game’ Quoted by Helena Pozniak as a therapist commenting on the importance of parental boundaries with video gaming. June 13, 2018,  


BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Live discussion about home as a sanctuary for an age of consent teenager to sleep over with their partner. June 26, 2018,

dailymail logo

Daily Mail Newspaper & online ‘So drugs are cool, Lily?’ Quoted by Faye White, Show business reporter as therapist commenting on Lily Allen’s recent admissions about drugs. May 16 2018,  


Metro UK ‘How should we discuss suicide with children who have been impacted by it?’ Quoted by name and profession by Lisa Bowman as a therapist advising on age-appropriate information for children. May 28 2018   `

Closer magazine

Closer Magazine Summer Diet Special Beach Body mindset tips commissioned by Maddy Biddulph May 2018
Print edition


Metro UK ‘Oniomania: the behavioural disorder that goes beyond being a shopaholic’ Quoted by name and profession by Bethany Smith May 23 2018

Wearable ‘How wearable devices are becoming key players in the fight against addiction’ Quoted by name and profession in Wearable feature by Becca Caddy about addictive behaviour with functional addicts and how to change behaviour. May 18, 2018


Metro UK ‘The idea of getting rid of it would make me panic and freeze: What its like to have hoarding disorder Quoted by name and profession by Sirena Bergman May 18 2018.    


Grazia - Bauer Consumer Media Ltd 'My Teatox Habit Turned into a Laxative Abuse Problem' Quoted by name and profession by India Benjamin as an expert in disordered eating March 30 2018. 


Metro UK ‘Stop telling me to go on a digital detox: social media is actually helping my mental health’ Quoted by name and profession by Fiona Thomas about how social media can help some people feel connected -even when too anxious to go out. February 17 2018.


Metro UK ‘Planning your wedding when you have depression: how I made it work’ Quoted by name and profession by Fiona Thomas with expert therapeutic based advice and suggested coping strategies. Feb 27 2018.



What are Brits Most Afraid of? Phobias and irrational fears go back to the beginning of time itself. I was commissioned to provide expert quotes and comments about the most common fears people have by Tombola Bingo Gambling company who were the official sponsors of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. December 2018

Bedco Ltd expert contribution to their blog post ‘Draw Your Dreams’ written by Dee Stockman. I was asked about how I use dream analysis in my therapy work. July 2018


IZettle AB / Cow PR, London
In-house Therapist at 'Giant Corp Rehab Centre',
 Shoreditch, London E2. For corporate client Swedish fintech company iZettle AB.  Sally Baker created and facilitated two days of live small-group workshops for compulsive shoppers looking to develop strategies to reduce their dependency on online shopping. Worked to client's brief through London. October 12 and 13, 2018.

Sally Baker's involvement with the extensive media campaign included preparing a selection of media quotes; pre-event photoshoots and live interviews for Broadcast Radio including the BBC, print and online newspapers and online platforms.

Lily O'Brien's

Lily O'Brien's Chocolates
I worked to the journalist's brief to create expert-opinion copy on the theme of 'The Psychology of Sharing' for a whole page advert for Lily O'Brien's brand for London's Stylist Magazine. I was quoted extensively and credited throughout. October 2018


I worked to the journalist's brief to create expert-opinion copy for the Optrex corporate brand. September 2018

Broadcast television and online platforms

MTV news

‘True Loves or True Lies’ 

Sally Baker wrote and scripted insights and observations as a therapist and behavioural specialist for Celebrity Big Brother 2108 of the interactions between Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen.

Interviewed as a therapist and behavioural specialist for MTV News for MTV's summer series ‘True Loves or True Lies’ explaining on camera how to pick up on the signs when someone is lying to you and how to tell when someone is really into you. Directed by Daniel Harding. Featured on YouTube, The Mirror, The Metro, Viva Manchester and other platforms. August 2018

​Understanding Obesity - The Sally Baker Interview

Interviewed by bariatric surgery advocate and influencer Danielle Hallette on her YouTube channel.

Broadcast radio and podcasts

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live Invited guest of afternoon radio presenter Nihal Arthanayake to talk about Blue Monday on live radio. 21 January 2019

Talk Radio

'Talk Radio' Breakfast Show Invited guest interviewed by presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer for corporate client FinTec Company 'iZettle' about the addictive nature of online shopping with the retail giants. October 11, 2018

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales Invited and paid expert guest to discuss the pressure on young women, in particular, to attempt crash diets, obtain potentially dangerous diet pills or have plastic surgery to fit a very narrow ideal of body-shape and size. August 2018

BBC Radio Wales
Invited guest on Jason Mohammed’s morning radio show to respond to phone-in comments about Love Island - Is It Trash TV Or Insights Into Human Behaviour? July 2018

Live speaker events and workshops

Sally Baker is available as a speaker for live events and workshops as well as an expert contributor for online platforms. She draws on her years of work as a senior therapist to provide deep, meaningful strategies and effective therapeutic approaches.

Sally has been an invited guest speaker:
‘The Best You’ Conference and Exhibition 2107
Annual International Conference Meridian Energy Therapists, Eastbourne 2016
NLP Confidence Experts, London 2016

Interviewed as an expert therapist:
Take Your Power Back Summit 2018
International Menopause Summit 2018

Sally regularly speaks and comments on topics such as:
Strategies for transforming & resolving anxiety and panic attacks
Workplace mental health
High functioning addicts
The perfectionist imperative
Overcoming emotional eating
Ending self-sabotaging behaviour
Resilience building and how to erase negative limiting beliefs.
Technology and parental boundaries
Family relationship re self-harming, disordered eating
Self-care burnout prevention
Stress Management