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Sally Baker - Senior Therapist & Media Commentator

 Thank you for visiting my media page.  

I’m a London based senior therapist, published writer, and media commentator.

l regularly write and comment about human behaviour and therapy insights for a range of different issues, including ITV's Love Island, celebrity life,  sex & relationships, family, mental health, resilience, emotional & disordered eating, health & wellbeing.  

On the consumer side, I have been interviewed and quoted in New York Post, HuffPost, MTV News, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Metro, The Star, Cosmopolitan, Closer, Marie Claire, Woman & Home,  Woman’s Health, LadBible, and Observer magazine.

On the corporate side, I have been commissioned by Cow PR,,,  Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates,,, Optrex and 

I’ve appeared as an invited guest on BBC Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 5 Drive Time, BBC Radio 5 Afternoon Edition,  BBC Radio 5 Sunday evening programme, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland and TalkRadio. 

I am a guest speaker and workshop leader on a range of topics including perseverance, overcoming emotional eating, human behaviour, confidence building and self-transformation.  

I am a published author with Hammersmith Books currently completing my third title, 'The Getting of Resilience from the Inside Out' for publication in late 2019. 

I love to blog and tweet on all things therapy, celebrity and the glimpses of human vulnerability that exist just below the polished, shiny surface of popular culture which I find endlessly fascinating.

Working with me
 If you are interested in finding out more about my work or to see how we can work together, including corporate commissions, please contact my PR Manager Caroline Eddins. 

Tel: + (44) 07796 780663;
T: @blondepreneur (DM’s open)

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