Christmas Survival Kit

The holiday season comes with many challenges to our mental health especially for those who are struggling with eating disorders; shopping compulsions or social anxiety. 

I’ve written a few blog posts recently on all things Christmas and I’ve brought them together here in one place. There’s a brief description of the theme of each one so you can choose the topics that resonate with you and that might be helpful for your Christmas survival.

Before I start with my posts I’ve included a couple of links to media contributions I was recently asked to make about Christmas which might also provide additional useful tips 

Social excess leads to seasonal burnout

The first is my contribution to Olivia Petter’s feature in The Independent entitled “Monday night drinks and mince pies for breakfast: How to survive the social marathon of Christmas.”

Click here to read my advice in handling your seasonal social life

Hangover childcare is a thing

The second press feature is by Caroline Allen for Yahoo Parenting. It is called “Parents are hiring babysitters to act as ‘hangover childcare.’” 

I share my thoughts on how some parents have come up with a strategy to minimise the aggravation of looking after their children when feeling green around the gills from Christmas excess.

Here’s the link to what I said  

Living together in dis-harmony

The last recent media contribution I want to include here is my five-point plan for living with an ex long after love has died. 

This was not written solely with Christmas in mind but this time of year is a notoriously challenging time for relationships. 

 Couples already feeling the strain are put under additional pressure by the financial stress of Christmas. I think harder still is living up to the mythology of trying to create the perfect story-book Christmas. 

The truth is more people complete online applications to file for divorce on Boxing Day (St Stephens’s Day) than at any other time of the year.

This feature explores how the logistics of tenancy agreements and financial restrictions mean several million people at any one time are stuck in uncomfortably close proximity with an ex before they can move out or while waiting for their ex to find somewhere to live.

 Journalist Natasha Gregson feature “This is what it is really like to live with an ex” asked for my best advice in her piece for The Stylist.  

Here’s the link to what I said 

And now it’s time for my Christmas themed blog posts.

Shopping addiction: warning signs to watch out for

 Before there was online shopping some people had a problem with over-spending on the High Street so there has always been something about shopping that can feel compelling for some people. 

Here’s the link to read more

The secret challenge of Christmas gifts

 It’s not as though we don’t know Christmas is coming and yet some of us still leave gift shopping until the last minute. Why is that?

Here’s the link to find the answer to why we leave Christmas present buying until the last moment 

The truth about Christmas shopping panic attacks 

 Christmas shopping tends not to be for yourself but for other people. This makes it more stressful than ordinary shopping as it is easy to get caught up with overthinking and feeling anxious about other peoples judgements or their expectations. 

Here’s the link to find out how to cope with the stress of Christmas shopping

So, okay, that’s my Christmas Survival Kit of recent blog posts and media contributions for you. 

I hope wherever you are in the world and whether you are alone or sharing Christmas with friends or family you find peace for yourself.  

Seasons’ Greetings and a Happy Holiday to you.





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