What your fat says for you and to you

Imagine if your fat could speak, what would it want to say to you.

Here is a wonderful and intuitive way to find out.

Find some time when you will not be disturbed. Sit comfortably, or lie on a bed if you are confident you will not fall asleep. Make sure you are cosy.

Stroke your body. Get in touch with the landscape of you. The hilly parts, and the valleys until you feel you are experiencing your body in all its fullness. ​

Imagine the index finger of either hand has a light at its’ tip. You can conjure up a light that most appeals to you. It could be a glowing ember, or a flame, a shard of crystal, or the brightest torchlight. Whatever light you have made for yourself, make it bright so that it casts a powerful light.

Take your index finger with its’ light attached and push it gently against an easy to access part of your anatomy that you feel pretty neutral about for instance your forearm. Women often have strong feelings about their breasts, or thighs or belly but for this first part choose a section of your anatomy that you do not have strong feelings about.

This is a guided meditation, and its effectiveness and the power of the insights you can receive are totally dependent on your willingness to just go with the process, and play with it imaginatively.

Use the light on your index finger to illuminate inside the part of your body you are focussing on. In this case, if this is your forearm imagine the light spreading throughout your limb from the wrist all the way to your elbow. Let that light illuminate every nook, and cranny it can find.

The playfulness of the process is to allow feelings, images or colours and sounds to come to your mind. This is a stream of conscious technique so do not impose rules or limitations on your imagination. It is important not to judge your responses or impose real life logic to them. Give yourself time with this.

The way people perceive and conceptualise information falls into three main categories. They are visual, aural, and kinesthetic so your responses to your exploration may be mainly the sights you can see, or the sounds you can hear or the emotions you feel.

When you feel you have given yourself ample time to fully explore your chosen environment it is time to carefully extract your light by withdrawing your index finger, making sure the light stays attached to its tip.

Take a moment to refresh your light. If it is a glowing ember then blow on it to reignite it or if it is a shard of crystal then polish it so that it shines as brightly as possible. Now is the time to press your index finger against a very different part of your body. It is now time to choose a part of you that you are particularly unhappy with, the part of you that most represents to you your overweight or fat state. We have found most people focus their self-loathing on their stomach or thighs.

Press your index finger against your flesh, and again allow your light to enter, and illuminate this new area. Let your light spread as far as you can see. The internal scale is completely imaginary. People have visualised vaulted ceilings, cavernous empty spaces or complex canal systems. Again it is worth emphasising that this is something apart from logic and will work most favourably when you suspend all restrictions on your imagination.

Take your time to find how your fat is visualised to you on this guided journey.
 What does your fat look like?
Consider colours and texture.
What sounds do you hear?
What feelings are in your fat?
Ask your fat what it wants to say to you
Ask your fat what it needs you to know.

Take the time to really explore these important messages and insights. Once you have spent ample time exploring the messages from your fat ask it what it needs for you to do or to understand so that your fat can be released. Ask it and wait for its reply. It can reply in an image, sound or feeling. Stay with this until you have clarity. It is important again not to judge its reply but to acknowledge it.

Finally, choose a powerful healing colour for yourself and imagine it at the top of your head and travelling down throughout your body. In your healing colour, there is an understanding and love for yourself. Let the healing colour flood throughout your body, intensifying where ever additional healing and self-forgiveness is required. Send a message to your fat that you have heard everything it needs you to understand and it can go now, that it is safe for it to go.
Breathe and let go.

Contact me if you recognise yourself here and would like some help in finding self-forgiveness so that you can move from carrying excess weight to healing. You can request an obligation free 30-minute discovery call with the button at the top of the page




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