• Your greatest wealth is your health and wellbeing.

    The excess weight you carry, or your disordered eating habits are simply a consequence of you rewarding, and commiserating with yourself with food; stress and comfort eating; sugar cravings, and a myriad of old habits and beliefs that are no longer helpful for you to lose weight, or be as healthy as you can be.

    Your mind plays an enormous role in how your body is allowed to manifest health, and slimness together with the ability to make the right choices to ensure you eat for nourishment instead of self-punishment.

    Carrying excess weight is never about being greedy, or about a lack of willpower. That’s why diets simply do not work - but you already know that!

    As therapists, Liz Hogon and I target your body by changing your mind.
    Your mind is where you will create your weight loss and wellbeing.

    An isolated surgical intervention...won’t do it.
    Any "step-by-step approach"... won't do it.
    "Forcing" yourself to go without... won't do it.
    Any preconceived ideas... won't do it.
    It is time to finally explore, and release your mind of old, unhelpful beliefs, and negative thinking so that you can become a manifestation of good health and well-being so that you can achieve a slimmer, happier you.
    If you resolve the issues in your mind that keep you stuck, and overweight, then you can be successful.
    Your mind has the power to make you slim, and healthy.
    And your mind has the power to keep you overweight, unhealthy, and stuck.
    It's your choice to free yourself.
    If you understand this, just whisper "yes" to yourself. It is time to acknowledge it out-loud to make it real.
    The underlying reasons for emotional eating are similar to the layers of an onion, so it’s important to peel back those layers in the most effective way releasing, and resolving deeper, and deeper issues as you progress. One effective way of approaching this work is chronological.
    Tracing your past
    Focus on increasing your understanding and insight into your own life events, and memories around your weight. Write down times in your life when your weight and your eating have felt more in balance, and times in your life when your weight escalated or dropped for that matter and you felt your eating was out of control.

    This exploration is called The Time Line Protocol.

    It’s useful, to begin with your earliest recollections and go right through to the present day. What was happening to you emotionally around those key times in your life when you experienced your weight increasing or decreasing, and most critically what judgements do you make about yourself from those memories and events?

    Blaming yourself is exhausting, and keeps you stuck. “It’s all my fault,” and other negative self-talk is dispiriting and undermines your self-esteem. Many people who struggle with losing weight think very poorly of themselves so making changes to how you think about yourself can be key to effectively clear negative self-beliefs.

    Gaining insights and a-ha moments about your relationship with food are the first step you can make in taking back your power and bringing your life back into balance. Look for the connections with weight loss or weight gain with events that took place in your life.

    Your relationship with food and your weight is not accidental. It is most likely in reaction to life events and judgements you make about yourself so be your own detective and find out the source of your disordered eating.

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